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Area Calculator.

Area = Length x Width Area = 7 km x 5 km = 35 km 2 Area of a Square The length and width of a square are the same so we just need to multiply the length by the length. Conversion of Area. Note: you may also like Conversion Charts and the Unit Converter. First, you should understand Conversion of Length. If you are comfortable converting miles to kilometers, etc, then you are half way there. To convert area, simply remember that area is length by width: Area = Length × Width. When the length and width of a rectangle are equal, the shape is a special case of a rectangle, called a square. The equation for calculating the area of a rectangle is as follows: area = length × width. The Farmer and his Daughter – Unsold Land. Imagine a farmer trying to sell a piece of land that happens to be perfectly rectangular.

To calculate acres by hand, multiply your length and width in feet to get square feet. Try our length conversion tools, if needed. Then divide by 43,560 to determine the size of the land in acres. You can quickly find the square footage of an area using our square feet area calculator. Area & Perimeter of a Rectangle calculator uses length and width of a rectangle, and calculates the perimeter, area and diagonal length of the rectangle. It is an online Geometry tool requires two length sides of a rectangle. Using this calculator, we will understand the algorithm of how to find the perimeter, area and diagonal length of a rectangle. SOLUTION:. Area of a Rectangle The area of a rectangle equals length times width. Find the area of a rectangle with length 12 centimeters and width 11 centimeters.Answer by :.

Square metres are a measure of area = length x width feet are a measure of length and have a width of 0 zero. Thus the area of feet = length x 0 = 0. Therefore 900 feet = 0 sq m. May 17, 2010 · The length is 7, and the width is sqrtx. What is the value of x? What is the width of the rectangle? Hint: The area of a rectangle is equal to length times width. a. The value of x is 256. The width is 16 or –16. b. The value of x is 16. The width is 4. c. The value of x is 16. The width is 256. d. The value of x is 256. Sep 06, 2006 · Square feet equals the width times the length. If it was a perfect square, the home would be 48 feet by 48 feet. Since it's a rectangle, it's probably more like 24 feet by 72 feet. Jun 11, 2002 · These are largely just different terms for the same things, but named differently to remind you of some important details. For a rectangle, we usually refer to the length and width; properly, these are the longer side and the shorter side, respectively, but that really makes no difference.

length times width. Find the area of a rectangle. - Algebra.

Area is measured in "square" units. The area of a figure is the number of squares required to cover it completely, like tiles on a floor. Area of a square = side times side. Since each side of a square is the same, it can simply be the length of one side squared. Mar 13, 2018 · Diameter is the length of a line touching two points on a circle that passes through the center. Diameter exists only for circular, or for circle-based objects like a sphere or cylinder, thus the width and length should always be the same.

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