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Buffer region financial definition of Buffer region.

buffer zone.1 A transitional area between two areas of different zoning or characteristic land use. 2 Green space or other open or natural areas providing privacy and noise pollution control for a subdivision. Buffer Region. The buffer region is located between the A [right arrow] C region and the C [right arrow] A region or between the control region and the C [right arrow] A region.

Buffer zone definition is - a neutral area separating conflicting forces; broadly: an area designed to separate. How to use buffer zone in a sentence. Mar 27, 2008 · The flat bit is your buffer region. Or if you wanted a textbook definition, it is the amount of protons or hydroxide ions the buffer can absorb without a significant change in pH. Also, pKa =pH, pKa is the tendency for an acid to donate a proton, which is H. Sources: Zumdahl. a water-storage area making the surrounding region fertile, or providing a city with its water supply.

Definition of buffer zone: A tract of land between two differently zoned areas. For example, a city might position a park between a commercial and residential district.. This is the buffer zone. However, once the curve extends out of the buffer region, it will increase tremendously when a small amount of acid or base added to the buffer system. If too much acid is added to the buffer, or if the concentration is too strong, extra protons remain free and the pH will fall sharply. I believe the buffer region is that point before vertical line and that massive change in ph. The buffer region i think is the horizonal line before the vertical line because even though acid or alkali is being added, there isnt much change in ph as its being buffered so the ph remains constant. a substance that, by its presence in solution, increases the amount of acid or alkali necessary to produce a unit change in pH. The bicarbonate buffer system in the blood maintains a balance between bicarbonate and carbon dioxide ions and deterimnes the pH of the blood. buffer: [noun] any of various devices or pieces of material for reducing shock or damage due to contact.

Buffer definition of buffer by Medical dictionary.

what is the "buffer region" and what is the significance.

Properties.A buffer solution usually contains a weak acid and its conjugate base, but it can also contain a weak base and its conjugate acid. When Hare added to a buffer, the weak acid's conjugate base will become protonated, thereby "absorbing" the Hbefore the pH of the solution lowers significantly. Aug 12, 2009 · The buffer region extends over the approximate range pKa ± 2. Beyond this range the buffer has no capacity to buffer the solution. By this definition the HNO2/NO2^-1 system should be able to provide some buffer capacity from about pH = 1.4 to pH = 5.4. Buffer Area Law and Legal Definition According to 9 CFR 1.1 [Title 9 -- Animals and Animal Products; Chapter I -- Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Department of Agriculture], buffer area means “that area in a primary enclosure for a swim-with-the-dolphin program that is off-limits to members of the public and that directly abuts. Summary. Creates buffer polygons around input features to a specified distance. Learn more about how Buffer works. Illustration Usage. As described in How Buffer works, an important feature of the Buffer tool is the Method parameter which determines how buffers are constructed. There are two basic methods for constructing buffers: Euclidean and geodesic.

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