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What does chop shop mean in Urban Dictionary?

[Chop] or spin is a mixture of tobacco and weed, smoked through a pipe or bong. Known for its horrible taste and [rediculous] rush. It's also damn addictive. [Hence why] only a few smoke [chop], but the ones who do tend to smoke it exclusively. Term used mostly around New Zealand, possibly other parts of. Dec 03, 2019 · What does Chopped mean in Urban Dictionary?: Being large as a Kite; Aussie slang so you can get beaten in a car or truck competition. Smack. Nov 30, 2019 · What does chop shop mean in Urban Dictionary?: A badly edited image done in professional photo editor typically Adobe Photoshop.; Verb. To disassemble something to use the components independently,. Urban Dictionary: Pork Chop This is a colloquial phrase in Australia to "carry on like a pork chop", maning that someone is behaving in a silly or stupid way. This expression is a truncated version of the longer and more widespread phrase be like a pork chop in a.

chop-chop: [adverb] quickly. We need to get these sent out chop-chop. Dec 13, 2019 · New York term for ground. The Best Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K - Duration: 18:08. SAM THE COOKING GUY Recommended for you.

chop shop: a place where people keep stolen cars and fix them up and then re-sell them. also know as a Chop Shop. "Aye nigga I'm down at chop chop. get yo ass over here" "The chop shop is dope". May 02, 2008 · I've been looking at my new Rod & Custom mag with the article on chopping a top on a Model A coupe Jimmy Shine's way. I'm just about ready to chop my coupe and I was wondering if anyone has any experience chopping one like Jimmy did. Most of the articles and books I have are doing a straight cut chop instead of the staggered cut. With Slap Chop™ you can dice, chop & mince in seconds. Chop up vegetables, nuts & fruits quickly and easily. You never need to switch blades and the Slap Chop™ is easy to clean. The Slap Chop™ is also dishwasher safe. Right now you can get a special bonus with the purchase of a Slap Chop™. Get the Graty Cheese Grater free with you Slap Chop.

Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery is one of Denver’s top rated premier chef driven fast casual / quick serve restaurants. Nov 27, 2019 · What does chop it up mean in Urban Dictionary?: preparing cocaine is sold; to have a meet up with someone you have not talked to. Nov 29, 2019 · What does tomahawk chop mean in Urban Dictionary?: While having anal intercourse "doggy style", just as the "giver" is about to ejaculate, a forceful blow. A truck driving down the road with 2 grill guards, 5 antennas, 22 lights and a [stuffed animal] attached to the front. look at all that [slap chop] on the truck. A black girl with way to big of nails and multiple sets of gold [hoops] on that match all 6 necklaces.damn that chick is wearing a lot of slap chop. Dec 05, 2007 · The online Urban Dictionary, which accepts entries from readers, says Pork Chop is a racist term used to refer to people of Puerto Rican descent. PorkChop had been submitted by 32 fans. The replacement name, Ferrous -- from the Latin word "ferrum," or iron -- received the most fan nominations, with 235.

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