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To select entire columns, either click on the first column heading and drag to the side until you reach the number of columns you want to insert or select the first cell of the column, press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and press the Down key, then release the Ctrl key still holding the Shift key and press the Right or Left key to select the number of new columns you want to insert. Sep 28, 2007 · Re: Selecting A Column Range. thanks, I know. actually, the specific problem behind the query was that I wanted to move a range of columns from one place on a spreadsheet to another. and that in itself is a tiny fraction of a much larger programme. I just threw in the select. When applied to a Range object that's a multiple-area selection, this property returns columns from only the first area of the range. For example, if the Range object has two areas — A1:B2 and C3:D4 — Selection.Columns.Count returns 2, not 4. May 05, 2018 · Re: VBA - Select Multiple Columns using Column Number Originally Posted by chirag050675 your code just do as I wish but.can it work on dynamic row instead of fixed row reference. Example 4 – Select More than one Cell Using VBA Code. We can also select multiple cells at a time. We just need to specify the range of cells to be selected in double quotes. If you want to select cells from A1 to A5 then below is the way. Code: Sub Macro2 Range"A1:A5".Select End Sub.

Nov 05, 2011 · Excel – VBA to Select Columns in VBA with Numbers instead of Letters Posted on November 5, 2011 by admin So say you want to select a couple columns through a loop and you need to be able to iterate through columns numerically; so you would need to select a range numerically. May 07, 2018 · Re: VBA - Select Multiple Columns using Column Number Code: Sub ColsByNumber Dim LastRow As Long, i As Long Dim aCols As Variant aCols = Split"1 4 5 8" LastRow = Range"A" & Rows.Count.EndxlUp.Row For i = 0 To UBoundaCols With ColumnsCLngaColsi.ResizeLastRow.Font.Bold = True End With Next i End Sub. May 10, 2009 · Selecting multiple ranges in Excel VBA helps your code to work faster. You can select multiple ranges in single line code and perform the action you want to perform. Normally we code a range by writing it within "" as under.

Most your time working with Excel is spend in the worksheet area - dealing with cells and ranges. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to work with cells and ranges using VBA selecting, copying, moving, and editing cells and ranges. Entire Rows and Columns.7. Select cell D6. The following code line selects the entire row of the active cell.

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View the Code for Select Multiple Items. The sample workbook uses Excel VBA code, which is set up to run automatically, when you make a change on the worksheet. To see the code for any sheet in the sample file, you can right-click the sheet tab, and click on View Code. Change the Column Number. Supposing, you have a large worksheet which contains multiple columns, and now, you would like to select the specific column based on a column header name. To find the column by column in a large worksheet will waste much time, this article, I will introduce a quick method to solve this job in Excel.

VBA Macro to filter data with Multiple Columns code applies the Excel filter on multiple fields. We have 6 different Fields in the above data set and we will filter the data using two columns. How to select range based on cell value in another column in Excel? In this article, I will talk about how to select ranges based on cell value in another column. Take an example, if the cells display FALSE in column C, the relative cells in column A and column B.

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