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Male version of camel toe. When a man's testicles and/or penis are visibly seperated by the fabric of his pants. when a female has two penises inserted into any one of her orifices at the same time making the shape of a "figure 8". figure of 8 unknown When one undresses and drops their pants, underwear or shorts in such a manner, that the clothing lies on the floor to resemble the letter 8. Commonly seen when one is in a hurry or with lazy fat individuals. "My brother doesn't need a laundry basket, he's mastered the figure of 8". The action when a man flaps his unerrect penis in a figure of eight in an attempt to attract women and to try to raise his 'member'. Must be done without the use of hands. Try it. you might like it.

Nov 22, 2019 · November 22, 2019 Urban Dictionary Link to this page The action whenever a guy flaps their unerrect penis in a figure of eight so that they can entice women also to try to boost his 'member'. Must be done without having the utilization of arms. figure eight: [noun] something resembling the Arabic numeral eight in form or shape: such as. a small knot — see knot illustration. an embroidery stitch. a dance pattern. a skater's figure — called alsoRN figure-of-eight. Figure eight definition, a figure or form composed of two loops formed by a continuous line crossing itself, as in the figure 8, especially as traced on ice in figure skating. See more. A wrestling pin where ones head is in between the players legs, the person being pinned is facing up, while the person pinning is facing down, putting the person being pinned near the the other persons butt. Large amount of money. A chick’s overall body appearance. Different terms exist like “petite”, “dumpy”, “average”, “modelesque”, “slim thicc” to try to describe overall figure but people still fail to use the right terms. Usually these terms are used to describe a figure by several of the following attributes combined; general body shape/curvature, apparent weight.

Whether you’re looking for lovely NC waterfront/oceanfront real estate for your dream homeor a Figure 8 Island vacation rental for a beach vacation to remember, Figure Eight Realty can help you find it! We invite you to come and experience the beauty, tranquility and carefree atmosphere of Figure. Figure 8 synonyms, Figure 8 pronunciation, Figure 8 translation, English dictionary definition of Figure 8. n. A form or representation, such as a knot or an ice-skating maneuver, that has the shape of the numeral 8.

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