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The Complete Hothead Paisan: Homocidal Lesbian Terrorist. The Complete Hothead Paisan: Homocidal Lesbian Terrorist. Until you earn 1000 points. Hothead Paisan is the hottest new comic book sensation to hit the world of zines, pulling in fans like metal shavings before a magnet. Softcover, 176 pages, B&W. Cover price $14.95. We Buy Comics. Diane DiMassa born 1959 is an American feminist artist, author and cartoonist.Her works include comics, illustrations, and a graphic novel.While she is best known for the character Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist she is a prolific fine artist as well. Remember the comic-book character Hothead Paisan? If you, like many, have been wondering whatever became of the lovable yet maniacal "homicidal lesbian terrorist" and self-described "fehmuhnist," then brace yourselves for her big comeback this summer--in a rock opera.

There has been one performance of the musical adaptation of Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist, staged at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in 2004, with music and lyrics by Animal Prufrock of the punk band Bitch and Animal. Animal had discovered the comic in a bookstore while she was a frustrated theater student in Chicago. In 1991, there appeared a comic book named Hothead Paisan. Hothead travelled through the world as an angry dyke, fed up with most men as well as what she called “spritzheads,” those women who were inimically tied to their husbands or boyfriends, who did and considered only what they wanted. HOTHEAD PAISAN is still my favorite comic book. It was my gateway into underground comix. As a young, queer, Italian myself, Hothead became a sort of demented role model for me. DiMassa and Allison Bechdel were great queer cartoonist trailblazers for the pre-web-comic era. Oct 11, 2013 · Hothead Paisan, by Diane Dimassa In a less realistic vein, the righteous rage of Hothead Paisan stoked my own fires of political passion. Not for the faint of heart, Diane DiMassa ’s creation is heavy on the violent fantasies which is, y’know, sometimes a side effect of being violently oppressed and scathing social commentary.

Hothead Paisan, Lowell, MA. 437 likes. "This book is dedicated to the big blue marble,who will continue to open up & swallow us if we don't cut the shit". I wonder what would happen if, say, some lesbian really checked out for lunch, you know, like say her brain just totally shit the bed one day, and she starts believing everything she sees on T.V. The latest Tweets from Hothead Paisan Official @DDiMassa2. Hothead Paisan- homicidal lesbian terrorist comics. Way cheaper than therapy. We need her now more than ever!. FB

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