Ken Follet Whiteout -

Filled with startling twists, Whiteout is the ultimate knife-edge drama from Ken Follett – an international bestselling author who is in a class of his own. As a blizzard whips down from the north on Christmas Eve, several people converge on a remote family house. From 1 international bestselling author Ken Follett, the gripping thriller Whiteout Like no other suspense author in his genre, Follett reinvents the thriller with each new novel. But nothing matches the intricate, knife-edge drama of Whiteout A missing canister of. Whiteout 2004 is a thriller novel written by British author Ken Follett about the theft of a deadly virus from a lab in snow-covered Scotland. Whiteout A novel by Ken Follett Human betrayal, medical terror and a race against time. Jealousies, distrust, and hidden rivalries uncover dark secrets, then a dozen vials of a deadly virus go missing.

Editions for Whiteout: 0451215710 Paperback published in 2005, Kindle Edition, Kindle Edition, 950280371X Paperback published in 2005, 0525948430. Bestseller Follett sets his sights on biological terrorism, pumping old-school adrenaline into this new breed of thriller. Ex-policewoman Antonia "Toni" Gallo, head of security at a boutiqu. Ken Follett Booklist Ken Follett Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Whiteout; Dutton, Dec 2004, 26.95, 384 pp. WHITEOUT is a frightening thriller because it shows no one is totally safe even with top notch fail-safe security systems and processes to control laboratory viruses and bacteria. "Whiteout" by Ken Follett, a contemporary thriller set in Scotland, conveys a refreshing and horrifying spin to the stolen deadly virus scenario. As the caper is completed, a monster snowstorm shuts everything ustrating the security chief Toni Gallo of Scotland's largest pharmaceuticals company in her struggle to track down the villains. WHITE OUT by Ken Follett 3rd draft 118,055 words 29 March 2004. 7:45p.m. A man with many names walked quickly along a cold London street. He was young, and wore a denim jacket and jeans with a striped college scarf. The freezing wind whipped his skin through his thin clothing. He turned into the foyer of a theatre, and felt welcomed by the.

Ken Follett Biography: Born in Cardiff, Wales on June 5, 1949 Ken Follett is Welch thriller and historical-fiction writer. As a child, Follett’s strict and religious parents barred him and his three siblings from watching movies or television. Consequently, Follett developed an early affinity to reading that carried throughout his teenage years. Filled with startling twists at every turn, Whiteout rockets Follett to a class by himself. Don't miss Ken Follet discussing the history of the thriller and its role in literature at the 92nd Street Y.

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