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Lilac rabbit is a recognized breed of rabbit, but the color ‘lilac’ is found in many other rabbit breeds too. Rather than being simply a descriptive term for the color of animals, the Lilac rabbit is a breed in it’s own right. The breed has a distinctive pink-gray color which is sometimes called a dove-blue. The Lilac rabbit is one of the few rabbit breeds named solely for it’s color. The Lilac Rex Rabbit was the color of Rex Rabbit that may quite possibly have been the most frustrating to develop! Long years of effort paid off, as today the Lilac Rex Rabbit is gorgeously colored and incredibly pleasing to the touch. Like most domestic rabbits, the Lilac Rex Rabbit is a meat rabbit. The Rex rabbit is a European breed originated in France in 1919. It was mainly developed to have short dense plush velvet-like fur. A litter of wild gray rabbits was the origin of Rex rabbit. And since then it has been developed over the years by the rabbit fanciers and the fur industry. The breed is named for the rex gene responsible for it's unique type of fur. The entire rabbit is lilac color, which is dove gray with a pinkish tint. Surface Color. Lilac, carried as close to the skin as possible. Under Color Pale dove gray. Toenails and Eyes. Toenails colored. Eyes are blue gray with a ruby glow in certain lights. Breeds That are Showable in the Lilac Variety. Jul 23, 2019 · Rex Rabbits. The standard Rex has a beautiful velvety fur that is popular in the fur trade not something I recommend or support, this is merely a note for accuracy. Fortunately for the Rex rabbit, it is easier for those involved in the fur trade to take fur from larger animals, so since the mid-1980s Rex's have rarely been used for fur.

Tri Color is a combination of Black/Orange, Chocolate/Orange, Blue/Fawn and Lilac/Fawn with White.This has been a brief introduction to the Rex rabbit.The Rex comes with a plush, almost velvet fur weighing in at an average of eight to nine pounds which makes this breed ideal for meat, fur, and show.This is truly a multi-purpose rabbit.

Self lilac mini rex rabbit, which is a dilute chocolate Since the dilute ‘d’ is completely recessive, any dilute rabbit must have received a ‘d’ from each parent, and must carry a genotype of ‘dd.’ Black and chocolate rabbits carry either DD or Dd at the D-locus.
One look at Mini Rex rabbits is enough to be enamored with their infinitesimal cuteness. They're diminutive, velvety-soft, and make really incredible pets. But before you head right out and bring one home, there are a few things you need to understand. Caring for Mini Rex rabbits is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Sep 15, 2013 · Lilac is a sort of pinkish dove-gray shade, it is clearly brownish, never bluish. Chocolate is recessive to black, so it's possible for a rabbit to carry chocolate without expressing it. When two chocolate carriers get bred together, you can get chocolate based babies. Have you ever heard of a rabbit color called “self chinchilla”? You won’t find it in the Standard of Perfection, but if you talk very much with enthusiasts of rabbit color genetics, the name will probably come up.But what is a self chin? The short answer is that a self chin looks exactly like a black usually. Genetically, the only difference between a true black and a self chin is that. This engaging breed is known for its distinctive pinkish dove-gray coloring and luxurious fur. The Lilac is a standard breed, meaning it comes in only one color. It is an ideal choice for a beginning rabbit enthusiast due to it’s docile nature, medium size and easy to understand breeding standard. –. National Lilac Rabbit Club of America Ohio State Dutch Rabbit Club Ohio Mini Rex Rabbit Club Shelly Thompson. Coshocton, Ohio. shelly45081@ ©2007. Create a Free Website. ^Lilac Mini Rex ^Lilac Jersey Wooly Lilac - The color is to be a uniform, medium dove-gray, with a slight pinkish tint on the surface. Eyes - Blue-gray with a ruby cast acceptable.

Welcome to the official National Lilac Rabbit Club of America website! If you have questions about the club, or membership, please contact one of the Executive members. Please direct questions about the website to the webmaster. If you would like to become a member please see the printable membership form on the membership and sanctions page.

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