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Example sentences: " He used all of his might to lift the car. " He used his legal might to get his brother out of jail. " She used her political might to get reelected. Choose the Right Synonym for might. Noun. power, force, energy, strength, might mean the ability to exert effort. power may imply latent or exerted physical, mental, or spiritual ability to act or be acted upon. the awesome power of flowing water force implies the actual effective exercise of power. Jul 06, 2007 · "Might" can be used in both the first conditional and the second conditional future possible and present unreal sentences. In your first example, you could say: If you don't hurry, you may / might / could / will /.are going to miss the train. Nov 03, 2011 · May / mighthavepast participle. November 3, 2011 - The structure may / mightperfect infinitive is used to talk about the possibility that something happened in the past. It could also be used to say that something was true in the past.

Would/Will/Might. There would be; Is used after an assumption, like you did in your first sentence. Under these circumstances, there would be XXX.If the circumstances are met, then the event in the second clause would happen for sure. Jul 14, 2012 · No, the word 'might' is a noun and an auxiliary verb the past tense of the verb 'may'. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.

The dictionary is technically correct as might be expected but you should consider that informal english does not necessarily conform to the proper and exact denotations. In the example above, "might" is used for the past-tense construction of "may" in a manner which is perhaps more familiar to persons who are not in the habit of reading Dickens. Nov 14, 2014 · An idea about the topic might be found in supporting sentences. A reference to other data or opinions might be found in supporting sentences.

Thanks, Elizabeth! The difference between may and might is subtle. They both indicate that something is possible, but something that may happen is more likely than something that might happen.So you may go to a party if Matt Damon invites you, but you might go to a party if your least favorite cousin invites you. A Mighty Stretch. I remember the difference by thinking that I should use might. As stated by @ Anonym, might is the past tense of may. So you have to use might when you are referring to the past. For example, even if it's likely that you went to a party last night, I shouldn't say, “you may have gone to the party’; I would say, “you might have gone to the party.”. ‘There is, as you might have guessed, a crisis situation.’ ‘As you might have guessed, there's definitely more to this story.’ ‘As you might have guessed, the menu is available in English, though you may have to spend time getting your head around some of the translations.’.

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