Neurologist Specializing In Movement Disorders -

Movement Disorders.From Left to Right: Ms. Gwenn Higginbotham, BME, Dr. Dhall, Dr. Virmani, Dr. Lotia, and Shannon Doerhoff, APRN Movement disorders are neurological disorders in which there is an abnormality in normal body movements. Movement disorders are often associated with changes in areas of the brain that help us move. Specialized Centers for Movement D isorder Care. The Plummer Movement Disorder Center in Temple takes a team approach in treating movement disorders. To schedule a consultation with our movement disorders specialist, see your primary care physician or neurologist for a referral.

The Department of Neurology at Mayo Clinic has a legacy of excellence in research and treatment of the full spectrum of movement disorders, including tremor, dystonia, myoclonus, chorea, ataxia and dyskinesias of both common and uncommon origin and presentation. Division of Movement Disorders Our division consists of nine movement disorder neurologists who specialize in the full range of neurological disorders that affect movement, such as Parkinson's disease and other Parkinsonian disorders, essential tremor and other tremor disorders, dystonia, tics and Tourette syndrome, myoclonus, ataxias, and other movement disorders. Dr. Naomi Lubarr is a board-certified neurologist who specializes in movement disorders in patients of all ages, including Parkinson’s disease, chorea, ataxia, and tremor disorders. Oct 16, 2019 · Mayo Clinic neurologists trained in movement disorders evaluate and treat people with all types of movement disorders. Doctors offer several treatments for movement disorders, including botulinum toxin injections, deep brain stimulation, surgery and other therapies.

Neurologist Specializing In Movement Disorders

The Movement Disorders Center of Arizona MDCA, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides clinical excellence and compassionate care to patients whose lives are affected by neurological conditions and movement disorders. It is a comprehensive movement disorder center specializing in the exhaustive evaluation, accurate diagnosis, as well as effective management/treatment of a full range of nervous. Parkinson & Movement Disorders The Barnes-Jewish & Washington University Neuroscience Center offers expertise in movement disorders. The Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Institute is an outpatient unit within the Department of Neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine. We specialize in the diagnosis and management of Parkinson's disease and other disorders affecting movement. Using a team approach, dedicated to providing individualized, compassionate and comprehensive care, we offer the latest diagnostic. Movement Disorders Program The primary mission of the Swedish Movement Disorders program is to listen to every patient with compassion, examine thoroughly, give clear explanations, provide choices, address questions and treat each patient with respect.

Penn Neurology provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management for all types of movement disorders. Movement disorders are complex neurological disorders that affect your ability to produce and control bodily movements.

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