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osmanthus fragrans. Zones LS, CS, TS; USDA 8-11. Native to China, Japan, Himalayas. Long a favorite of Southern gardeners. Broad, dense, compact. Grows at a moderate rate to 15ft. tall, 810 feet wide though older plants may reach 30 feet tall, 1215 feet wide. Oval, glossy, medium green leaves to 4 inches long, toothed or smooth edged. Growth Rate: 24 Inches per Year. Longevity 50 to 150 years. Leaves Elliptic to Oblong, Glossy Medium Green, No Change, Evergreen. Flowers Showy. Fragrant Flowers in Spring or Summer. Has perfect flowers male and female parts in each flower. Black or Mostly Blue Drupe, Very Small Under 0.25 inches, fruiting in Fall. Bark Dark Gray, Rough.

Osmanthus fragrans: Sweet Osmanthus.Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson. This large evergreen shrub or small tree is capable of reaching 20 to 25 feet in height and width but is most often seen at 10 to 12 feet high with an 8-foot-spread. Osmanthus fragrans Fragrant Tea Olive is a nice evergreen small tree / shrub that is widely known for its production of highly fragrant white flowers in spring. Osmanthus fragrans Figure 1. Mature Sweet Osmanthus. Sweet Osmanthus1 Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson2 INTRODUCTION This large evergreen shrub or small tree is capable of reaching 20 to 25 feet in height and width but is most often seen at 10 to 12 feet high with an 8-foot-spread Fig. 1. Older plants grow as wide as tall and. The growth rate of Osmanthus x fortunei is about 4 to 12 inches per year, depending on soil nutrients and water availability. They prefer full sun to medium shade and acidic soil with good drainage.

Osmanthus Tea Olive Care.They have a more dense growth habit in full sun than in shade. Variegated types tend to bleach out in full sun, so give them a little afternoon shade. The shrubs tolerate most acid to neutral soils and need good drainage. Plant them 4 to 6 feet apart to form a hedge or screen. New Varieties of Osmanthus. One of the most fragrant of all flowering shrubs is osmanthus Osmanthus fragrans , which flowers in winter or early spring. Its insignificant flowers have the delightful scent of apricots. There are now two new varieties of Osmanthus available that have a rich, sweet perfume and large white flowers. Details. Monrovia's Variegated False Holly details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.

Osmanthus fragrans Sweet Osmanthus - University of Florida.

Growth.Annually, tea olive trees grow 4 to 12 inches. With the slower growth rate and dense foliage, tea olive trees are often used in the home landscape as hedges or screens as they are easily shaped. Additionally, tea olives are well-suited for use in solitary planting,. Osmanthus fragrans – grows to around 3-4m and produces creamy white flowers that smell something like peaches, apricots, gardenias or jasmine – depending on who’s nose you ask 🙂 Flowering time can vary from region to region but most commonly occurs during winter and spring. It can be slow growing but makes a great tall hedge. Osmanthus x fortunei is a hybrid of O. fragrans and O. heterophyllus. It is an dense, oval-rounded evergreen shrub that grows up to 20-25' tall. It is an dense, oval-rounded evergreen shrub that grows up to.

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