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Pinus Radiata With "Pine" being so widely used across the construction industry it is commonly found in heavy duty construction, building, furniture, joinery, mouldings, packaging, weatherboard, decking. Nov 05, 2016 · Radiata pine is called as the primary plantation species in some countries like South Africa, Kenya, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. Facts about Radiata Pine 6: the size If Radiata pine grows in maximum condition, it may have the height up to 200 feet or 60 meter. In the wild, it has the average of 49 to 98 feet or 15 to 30 meter. Radiata pine is one of over 40 species in the Yellow Pine Group. The word pinus is the classical Latin name,. Bier, H. Bending properties of structural timber from a 28 year old stand of New Zealand Pinus radiata. New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science. 1985; 152:233-250. 4. Boas, T. H.

Botanical Name: Pinus Radiata Radiata pine’s sapwood is white to pale yellow, but often indistinguishable from the heartwood, which is light brown to yellow. The grain is usually straight, apart from a central core of 100mm, which can twist if the moisture content of the timber changes. It is easily processed, dried and treated. Radiata Pine takes coating and stains well. Working Qualities: Radiata Pine is easy to work except for the knots. It is good with machines and nails satisfactorily. Uses: Commonly used for construction lumber, Cladding, Veneer and Plywood. The timber Radiata pine trees produce a reddish brown timber that varies to shades of yellow. It has a relatively fine but uneven texture and knots are often present in construction timber grades. Radiata pine timber is very versatile. The timber can be readily sawn, peeled, or converted to pulp, has good.

This product offers an alternative solution to Cedar; it is produced from the finest quality Radiata Pine sourced from Chile, which is virtually clear of knots. It comes with PEFC certification and a fully independent audited energy and carbon trail which gives the product carbon neutral certification. Radiata pine is the dominant species, making up 89 percent of the planted forest area, with Douglas-fir the next most common species, making up 6 percent. The balance comprises other softwood and hardwood species. We supply and export pine to India, Malay. Pinepac produces a range of Radiata Pine Pinus Radiata products for use in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands construction markets; SG framing timber for construction, non-structural timber for interior and exterior finishing, outdoor landscaping timber. Radiata Pine is a versatile timber; it is widely used for the full range of structural and decorative applications including framing, lining, glue laminated beams, veneer and plywood. When appropriately treated, it can be used for many exposed structural and non-structural applications.

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Pinus radiata Radiata pine, formerly referred to as Monterey pine or insignis pine, is a large softwood native to a very limited area of the west coast of North America but planted widely in the world's south temperate zone, especially in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. The epithet radiata refers to radial markings visible on the apophyses of some cones Farjon 2010. This is the most common pine in the southern hemisphere, where no pines are native except that Pinus merkusii barely crosses the Line in Sumatra. Radiata pine's sapwood is white to pale yellow, but often indistinguishable from the heartwood, which is light brown to yellow. The grain is usually straight, apart from a central core of 100mm, which can twist if the moisture content of the timber changes. The texture of radiata pine. A very reliable timber and shelter tree over a wide range of sites. Plant at 1m centres for shelter or 2m spacings for timber. Evergreen. Hardy. Enquire for pricing on larger quantities. Also available in a truffle-infected option. The following gentically improved seed lines are available: GF19 Seedlings - General purpose timber and shelter.

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