Silver Lab And Weimaraner -

Any sort of silver Lab isn't recognized in the breed standard. Weimaraner coat colors run the gamut of gray, from mouse to silver, according to the breed standard. Black or bluish Weimaraners are not permitted. Either breed might have a small white spot on the chest, but that's it. There are many Lab breeders and enthusiasts who believe a silver Lab came about due to cross breeding with at Weimaraner dog. They say that to look at a silver Lab, it does have a lot of Lab traits and characteristics, but it does not fit the Labrador bill altogether and that it is a product of a crossbreed between a Lab and the Weimaraner. Nov 21, 2012 · ones with silver fur Weimaraner dogs usually have a silver sheen to their coat, but these are the only dogs I know of that are silver without being grey. May 29, 2018 · Many claim that these dogs must have Weimaraner blood somewhere in their ancestry, but despite extensive research there’s no indication that this is the case. The colour is causing controversy in the United States, where a number of kennels are now specialising in breeding silver Labradors. However the colour is virtually unknown in the UK.

May 31, 2008 · The original "breeder" of "silver" labs had both labs and weimaraners in his kennel, which is the mix in question, coincidence I think not. One accidental litter and he decided to cash in on this. Sep 21, 2019 · To clarify for those who may not know, a silver Labrador is a chocolate lab with the dilution gene. This gene lightens color and causes the liver of a chocolate lab to lighten significantly. It is also known in the Weimaraner, but the dilution gene exists in many dog lineages. The Labradors silver coat is almost the identical color of a Weimaraner. If you really compare the two dogs side by side, though, there is a real difference. The Labradors silver coat is thicker and longer than a Weimaraner. The Labradors silver bushy tail is much different. The labs tail has longer, bushier fur and when the dog is at attention. At Last, the Truth About Silver Lab Puppies! Talk is increasing in the canine world regarding silver lab puppies, although in truth this unique coloring has been around for a very long time. A common myth about “silvers” is that they are the result of introducing the Weimaraner breed into a line of Labrador.

The Labmaraner is a hybrid or mixed breed from breeding together a Weimaraner with a Labrador Retriever. She is a large dog with a life span average of 10 to 12 years. She is a very friendly, social and lively dog and is multi-talented in areas such as guarding, retrieving, jogging, agility, watchdog and tricks. Silver Labrador Puppies With Blue Eyes I have a new obsession with silver labs Dogs Puppy Hounds Labrador Retriever Puppies Silver Labrador with his head on his paws. Looking very thoughtful Here is a quick pic of my parents new dog, Stella. She is a silver lab.

Silver Lab And Weimaraner

SilverBay Weimaraners are Breed Preservationists that focus on producing quality over quantity! Whether you are searching for a faithful companion, a versatile hunting dog or a strong competitor in the show arena, SilverBay Weimaraner puppies, located in California, are an excellent choice. Owner Experience - Both the Labrador Retriever and the Weimaraner are good for new owners, but the Labrador Retriever is a slightly better choice. Children - Both breeds are child friendly, but the Labrador Retriever is the most friendly between the breeds. Grooming - Both the Labrador Retriever and Weimaraner are very low maintenance and easy. Mar 01, 2010 · Source. One the latest fads in the mass production of pet retrievers is the so-called silver Labrador. There are two theories about what it is. 1. The dogs are the result of adding a little Weimaraner blood to a Labrador line. This is the most popular theory. 2. When outcrossing was allowed in the Labrador. The silver color is a disqualification under the Standard for the breed. The LRC does not recognize, accept or condone the sale or advertising of any Labrador as a ‘silver’ Labrador. The Club opposes the practice of registering silver as chocolate.” -The Labrador Retriever Club USA "The UKC standard is. Silver-factored Chocolate. We did not even have a Silver or Charcoal Lab in our kennel, much less a Weimaraner, yet produced both the Silver and Charcoal colors due to their genetic make-up. Jack's mother was Black and his Father was Light Silver. Silver Labs have been said to have been 'advertised' since the 1950's I word it like this.

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