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scenario An outline of the plot of a dramatic or literary work.A screenplay itself, or an outline or a treatment of it.An outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events. best-case scenario.The best possible outcome. The best-case scenario is that Doug will be only an hour late—traffic on his route is at a standstill. They're only selling junk at the yard sale, so I think the best-case scenario is that they'll make $10. The doctor said that the best-case scenario is an operable tumor. We want to determine whether the model specified by historical data can satisfy all scenarios within a given severity range, not just each scenario within the range individually. A scenario is essentially a story about the future that helps people understand the forces of change and the collective choices they have. Strictly, a scenario is ‘an outline of a plot’ or ‘a postulated sequence of events’: the worst-case scenario. It is often used loosely to mean ‘situation,’ as in a nightmare scenario, but this should be avoided in.

Definition of SCENARIO: A picture that is painted verbally to depict an outcome or sequence of events that are based on assumptions and factors chosen by its creator. The Law Dictionary Featuring Black's Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed. scenario: A scenario, in the context of business planning and strategy, is a potential event or combination of events that could be relevant to the organization -- typically because it could create a significant risk or provide a significant opportunity.

This meaning is common in Human–computer interaction to define what a user will see on a screen.: 12; Sequence: a list of interactive steps taken by human or machine agents playing system roles. The many forms of scenario written as sequences of steps include Operational Scenarios, Concepts of Operations, and Test Cases.: 12-14. 'MEANING' in other words can be the 'vocabulary' of a word or the 'essence' of the word as to what the word precisely means. OR meaning is the meaning of meaning what you just said meaning.

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Definition: Scenario analysis is a method of predicting future values of portfolio investments based on potential events. In other words, it’s a method of estimating what will happen to portfolio values if a specific event happens or doesn’t happen. Scenario Analysis and Investment Strategy.Scenarios being considered can relate to a single variable, such as the relative success or failure of a new product launch, or a combination of factors, such as the results of the product launch combined with possible changes in the activities of competitor businesses. Scenario Analysis Definition: The Scenario Analysis is a method applied to determine the feasibility of the project in terms of the change in the underlying variables simultaneously.Simply, analyzing the change in multiple variables at a time and assessing their impact on the viability of the project as a whole, is called as scenario analysis. • SCENARIO noun The noun SCENARIO has 3 senses: 1. an outline or synopsis of a play or, by extension, of a literary work 2. a setting for a work of art or literature. 3. a postulated sequence of possible events. Familiarity information: SCENARIO used as a noun is uncommon. Scenario Planning Definition Scenario planning is a technique of strategic planning that relies on tools and technologies for managing the uncertainties of the future. It involves developing different plausible representations of an organisation’s future, based on assumptions about the forces driving the market and including different.

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