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White Vaginal Discharge - Thick, Creamy White, Causes.

The white vaginal discharge is a fluid that made by glands inside of women reproductive organ specifically in the cervix where it releases away the dead cells and bacteria through the vaginal opening. In most cases this kind of discharge is perfectly normal especially if it’s odorless. Foul odor is a significant indicator for white discharge before period in women since it indicates the presence of an infection. It isn’t just the kind of white discharge in women, but its odor and the accompanying symptoms that together will indicate whether the discharge is or is not cause for concern. Aug 14, 2017 · These changes in vaginal secretions are most likely normal if they if they are odorless. Bacterial Infection. A bacterial infection, called bacterial vaginosis, can cause discharge that has an abnormal color like white, yellow or even gray. This type of infection will also cause a fishy odor that increases after sexual intercourse.

Normal discharge is odorless. It is white or transparent, thick and sticky, or slippery and stretchy. Unusual types of vaginal discharge can indicate: bacterial vaginosis discharge has a fishy odor a yeast infection discharge is clumpy like cottage cheese trichomoniasis discharge is yellow/greenish and foamy. What white discharge means is a typical concept. Though many women observe it but not really know its reason.It comes in different forms depending upon the reason of its occurrence. Find out what Thick White Vaginal Discharge really mean, Its causes and different types of vaginal discharge. White Sticky Discharge, Is It Normal? When you are aware of your normal vaginal discharge, you are ready to notice any changes. White sticky discharge is normal, as is thin or thick discharge that is clear to white. Your discharge should never come with an unpleasant odor. This vaginal fluid is how your body ensures your vagina is clean and moist. Odorless white vaginal discharge w/o itching should not worry you. It's part of your cycle. I bet it doesn't happen all the time, right? May once a month, or every few months for that matter. I just wrapped up my odorless white vaginal discharge this week. It's.

White Odorless Discharge Female

Dec 24, 2016 · A white milky discharge with no odor or itching, causes for no alarm. It is normal for a woman to have vaginal discharge. Remember vaginal discharge helps keeps your vaginal health. If your vaginal discharge is clumpy white discharge with no odor but you are itching and you have a burning vulva then you may have yeast infection also known as thrush. Vaginal discharge may appear in many forms. In some cases the discharge may be heavy with a foul odor, odorless and clear or white, “fishy” smelling, or slightly bloodied. The type of discharge occurring will often point to the cause. This symptom may point to a serious illness, including sexually transmitted infection or cancer. Vaginal Discharge With Odor. Vaginal discharge that comes with a foul smelling, fishy odor may be a sign of a bacterial infection. Find out what are the causes and the treatments available to help treat the infections. Vaginal discharge with odor can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing symptom of a greater health problem. Oct 28, 2018 · Leukorrhea is the normal milky white or clear vaginal discharge. It is usually thin and could have a mild odor. It typically does not come with itching or strong foul odor.

Jun 22, 2018 · However, if the white discharge has a consistency like cottage cheese or is accompanied by a strong odor, it can indicate an infection. An individual should see a doctor. White, thick. Discharge varies from woman to woman. Some women have discharge every day, while others experience it less frequently. Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or milky and may have a subtle scent that is not unpleasant or foul smelling. It’s also important to know that vaginal discharge changes over the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Vaginal discharge is something that every woman experiences. It’s important to know how to identify if your discharge is considered abnormal. Clear, white, or slightly yellow discharge that does not have an odor is considered normal. If your discharge is green or yellow and has a foul smell, this is an indication that you may have an infection.

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