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(Almost) Halfway Through – Pregnancy Update


12736083_10153475623863196_784842728_nAlthough I am not technically halfway through my pregnancy (at 19 weeks), I wanted to go ahead a get this post up because we find out Baby Keg’s gender the day before my 20 week mark! Ah! I just know I will be wayyyyy too excited about knowing the gender to document this fun and exciting milestone! So here it is…. HALFWAY UPDATE!!!

How far along? 19 weeks and 1 day (almost FIVE MONTHS! Time has flown!)

Total weight gain? 7 pounds total (as I eat a doughnut that Derek just brought home for me…)

Maternity clothes? YES! I have a blog post in the works on this very topic. LOVE my maternity jeans and leggings. I am still able to wear most of my tops.

Stretch marks? No, not yet! I am getting itchy though!

Sleep? Eh, it isn’t always the best but nothing to complain about! Def couldn’t sleep without my body pillow.

Best moment of the week? Going to my husbands potluck at his work and chatting with another mom-to-be (due only several days after me) about pregnancy! It is awesome to connect with someone who is literally going through all of the same things at the same time.

Movement? I think I feel movement, but then I doubt it. If it truly is movement that I feel, (and not just gas bubbles) then its not consistent yet.

Cravings?  I want birthday cake all day everyday… like the classic vanilla cake/white buttercream frosting ones that you buy premade from the store. I haven’t gone as far as to buy one, but I’ve had a couple close calls. I also crave doughnuts with sprinkles..YUM.

Queasy or sick? Not really! Thank goodness for that!

Belly button? haha It is still an innie!

Wedding rings on or off? On when I remember them!

Happy or moody? Usually happy, but I have my moments for sure! My poor husband 😉

Miss anything? Where do I start! haha I really miss being able to order whatever I want at a restaurant! I miss eating steaks the way you’re supposed to: rare! I miss brie cheese so much. Side note: Best sandwich ever- French baguette with Melted brie cheese and warm apples (the apple pie filling kind) with sliced turkey. I also am starting to miss wine and beer recently! With all of that being said, it is truly worth all of the you-cant-have-thats!

Symptoms? Just some sinus issues (sometimes runny/bloody nose), nothing major!

Looking forward to? Finding out Baby Keg’s gender! I truly thought boy in the beginning, but now I have not the slightest idea! I will be SO happy either way… I just want to know!!

The first half of this pregnancy has been awesome! Sure, there were weeks where I didn’t feel well and times when I worried about every little thing, but I wouldn’t change any of it. The amount of excitement I feel over exceeds anything I ever expected.

Cheers (with a non-alcoholic beverage) to the next half of this journey! #brewingbabykeg

xo Rachel


19 Weeks and 1 Day







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