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Embracing The Bump

Pregnancy is, by far, one of the most amazing and miraculous things. It’s simply something that (I personally feel) shouldn’t be taken lightly and certainly shouldn’t be taken for granted! With it comes ups and downs, fears and joys and, of course, the bump…

I’m currently 25 weeks along (with my first), and I still find myself surprised that I am carrying another little life with me everywhere I go. I can honestly say that every day, so far, has been new and different. I never realized how many things you have to “figure out as you go” during pregnancy. Just as I start to think I got this, my body changes or something happens that throws me for a loop! Part of that is just life in general, and the other part is well… growing a human! No big deal! haha

Embracing the bump (or pregnancy) happens on so many different levels. There’s the physical bump (or even just the early pregnancy bloat), and then there is everything that the bump means. It can be hard to dress, it can feel tight and itchy, it brings you joy when you feel movement and worry when you don’t, and it holds a precious gift whose future is yet unknown. It’s something that you may hide in the beginning when it’s too soon to share your secret, and flaunt after a few months when you feel empowered by what you’re becoming… a mother. You may compare your bump size to other’s (guilty), or you may feel more confident with your body than ever before. It will gain you “skips” in the grocery line and tons of unwanted yet usually well-intended advice. You may feel the deepest connection to it, and you may not. You may be happy to be pregnant but not thrilled with the process, and that’s okay! There is no rule book for how anyone should feel!

Embracing the bump is different, and means something different, for everyone!

For me, there was no instant connection… it happened around 14 weeks when I started to feel better.  I could finally talk about it with others, I started to figure out what clothes were going to work for me and which ones I had to retire, I was starting to feel more comfortable being pregnant, and I was just feeling all around good! Then, around week 22 I felt her move for the first time. I mean..there is nothing like it, and it just amplified the connection that much more. So yes, while I was happy and so thankful to be pregnant from the moment we found out, it took me 14 weeks to really embrace it all!

I have lost count of how many people I know who are currently pregnant! I just want to say congratulations to all of those who are expecting or trying! Don’t forget that what you are doing is nothing short of miraculous. When the time is right, I hope you all embrace your bump the best way you know how!


Below are a few pics of a quick trip Derek and I took to DC to check out the Cherry Blossoms! If you have the chance to go, I highly recommend it! We arrived in DC around 8am, and we were able to see a lot without dodging crowds!

Xo Rachel

Dress: Chicwish

Sunglasses: Target




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