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Baby Keg Has A Name!

I am not sure if this rings true for most or if Derek and I are just ridiculous, but naming our baby was freakin’ hard!!!! haha!

When Derek and I found out we were pregnant, we almost immediately started to refer to the baby as “Baby Keg”. Moments later, we had a good laugh realizing we could use the hashtag #brewingbabykeg! (Yes, we are those people.) I wish I could say that naming our baby was as easy… whomp whomp!

Now, I have a confession…. I have had a “baby name” list in my phone for the longest time. I’m talkin’ before Derek and I even met… If I heard a name I liked, I took note of it! Judge away! haha (Thank goodness Derek didn’t catch sight of it until well into our marriage…) Anyway, it’s safe to say that I had a good idea of what I liked.

Then came the time to decide a girl name and a boy name. We could not..NOT… agree on a boy name! If I recall correctly, we never agreed on one! My names were all “too hipster” or “weird” and his names were all “old-timer” and “hell no”. Girl names were easy for us, or so we thought at the time. There was one name in particular that we both loved. We figured we had the girl name down.

For some reason, the day that we found out we were going to have a girl.. we could not bring ourselves to call her the name that we thought we loved so much. Instead, we started to bring new names/options into the mix which caused a lot of confusion. The solution: waiting until we meet her.

I agreed with waiting for a while, but then it started to really bother me that I still had to call her Baby Keg. I felt such a strong connection with her, and I felt like she deserved a “real name”.  When I was working in her nursery, one name kept coming to mind. I brought it up to Derek and he loved it… BUT he still wanted to wait. He felt like he would know 100% when he saw her for the first time. I argued that if we named her now and called her by that name, then it will suit her no matter what! (I hope! 😉 ha)

Obviously we didn’t wait… So how did we decide? Well you see, I brought it up on the car ride home from our hometown to Maryland (a 5 hour drive.. I had him cornered! haha) and IT WORKED! We agreed on a name! We spent nearly the rest of the car ride calling family and telling them what we decided on! So fun! AND we decided that if we ever have another girl, we would name her the original name that we both loved and thought we would initially use (as we feel it better suits a little sister, and not the first born ). Derek and I are both so in love with the name… (so if you don’t like it, keep that shit to yourself!) 😉

So here it is… PRESS PLAY 🙂


And here is a little painting I whipped up to go in her nursery!


Audrey is simply a name we both love SO MUCH! Jean is Derek’s Grandmother’s first name. We will call her AJ for short! 🙂

So there it is, folks! We will have ourselves a little Audrey Jean Kegerreis in July!

-Rachel xo




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