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30 Week Pregnancy Update

TIME. IS. FLYING! I can hardly believe that I am well into my third trimester… crazy!

This whole third trimester thing has been interesting for me! I felt SO good during the second trimester, and for the most part I still feel amazing (which I am very thankful for)! I am now, however, starting to really feel pregnant. After a day of teaching (Pre-k), I was literally in full waddle-mode. If I eat the wrong thing, I swell up. Tums are my best friend. Audrey has found my ribs. I was told by a lady that I looked like I was about to “have that baby any day now” and that I was “big”. Lucky for her we were in Target (my happy place), and I am comfortable with how “big” I am and will continue to get! 😉  I remember forgetting that I was pregnant all of the time… it’s safe to say that hasn’t happened in a while! haha! Luckily all of these changes have been manageable! So far so good!

How far along? 30 Weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain? 17 pounds of glory

Maternity clothes? Ohhh yessss. I am still in L-O-V-E with my maternity jeans, and I switch them up with maternity tops and regular tops. I also bought a solid gray bodycon-style dress that I have now worn several times for various occasions (work, wedding, going out).  I still love my leggings and comfy t-shirts for lounging around the house.

Stretch marks? YUP! I have a couple on my right hip, and I literally just today noticed some on my upper thigh! It is what it is!

Sleep? Sleep has been SO much better lately! For a couple of weeks I was waking up with horrible hip and butt pain. The feeling resembled being sore from working out (which I had not been doing, ha) and having a muscle fall sucked! I called my trusty physical therapist AKA my big sister (thanks, Val!), and she fixed it! She’s amazing!

Before, I was sleeping with a body pillow in-between my legs. She explained that it may have been over-correcting my hips. She suggested instead of having the pillow wedged in-between my legs, that I (while laying on my side, of course) place it parallel to my body  and put one leg on top of it in about a 90 degree angle. (She explained that it should resemble how a flamingo stands.) SUCH an easy fix! I kid you not…I haven’t experienced that kind of pain since I have been sleeping this way.

Best moment of the week? Seeing the nursery come together! I love to go in there and just sit and daydream…  🙂

Movement? I feel movement all day! Still nothing super painful, but homegirl has found my ribs! It can get uncomfortable, but I would rather feel that than nothing at all!

Cravings? I crave everything. I LOVE ICECREAM SANDWHICHES. I get the skinny-cow ones because they don’t count, right? ha!  😉

Queasy or sick? I have started to feel queasy again, but it’s not nearly as bad as the first trimester! A sip of Coke or soda water cures it!

Belly button? It is an innie..but it’s shallow! It’s really weird…

Wedding rings on or off? On unless I am bloated up!

Happy or moody? Usually happy, but I have my moments for sure! I get grumpy when I’m uncomfortable!

Miss anything? Not really! At this point, I am pretty much over all of the things I can’t have!

Symptoms? I occasionally bloat up, heartburn, pelvic pain that causes me to waddle a bit towards the end of the day… typical symptoms! They are not fun, but they are manageable!

Looking forward to? Finishing her nursery! I only have a couple more projects, and it will be done!

30 Weeks (and 1 day) Bump Pic 🙂


-Rachel xo

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