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The Maternity Maxi Dress That ANY Woman (Pregnant or Not) Can Wear

    A good maxi dress is EVERYTHING! As a matter of fact, a good maxi dress is the answer to many of life’s wardrobe problems…. Need an effortless put-together look? maxi dress. Don’t have time to shave your legs? maxi dress. Bloated? Food baby? Real baby? maxi dress. Don’t wanna wear heels to a formal event?…… Continue reading The Maternity Maxi Dress That ANY Woman (Pregnant or Not) Can Wear

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Maternity Clothes – The Basics

A closet FULL of clothes yet NOTHING to wear. Pregnant or not, we have all been there! Pregnancy just brings this dilemma to a whole new level. As the belly grows, the options in your wardrobe dwindle. Unless you are one of those super lucky women who can wear their regular clothes throughout their entire pregnancy,…… Continue reading Maternity Clothes – The Basics

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13 Pregnancy Must-Have Items

  I kid you not… as soon as I found out I was pregnant, Facebook did too! The first time I logged on after finding out, I was bombarded with all kinds of ads featuring products that prevent stretch marks, pregnancy pillows, snacks that cure morning sickness…the list goes on! It was all a bit overwhelming, and…… Continue reading 13 Pregnancy Must-Have Items

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Early Term – Pregnancy Update

This week, my midwife told me that from here on out it’s a waiting game! Although the words “full term” were used, I am technically considered “Early Term”. Either way, Im really…really…effin pregnant!  😉 I’ve got the full-throttle-waddle going on by the end of the day, I’m still eating tums like they are a major food…… Continue reading Early Term – Pregnancy Update

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Baby Audrey’s Nursery Tour – Turquoise and Floral

I am SO excited to share Audrey’s Nursery with everyone! We went with a lot of neutrals, light blues and then incorporated our pops of color by using florals. (Our house already had tan walls, and we move every 2-3 years so we decided just to leave them that color!)  As I state in the video,…… Continue reading Baby Audrey’s Nursery Tour – Turquoise and Floral

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Ikea Window Seat for Nursery

I think we can all agree that in a world full of “Pinterest fails”; it’s nice to experience a “win” once and a while! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen and drooled over the “ikea window seat” on my pinterest feed. It seemed easy enough to accomplish.. Take an Ikea shelving unit,…… Continue reading Ikea Window Seat for Nursery

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From Dresser to Changing Table (Without Sanding!) – DIY

Ahh, yes! Another nursery DIY! When I was figuring out what pieces of furniture we needed for the nursery, I realized that more and more people are using dressers in place of traditional changing tables. To me, it makes perfect sense! We were already going to refinish an old dresser that was passed down to us…… Continue reading From Dresser to Changing Table (Without Sanding!) – DIY