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Ikea Window Seat for Nursery


I think we can all agree that in a world full of “Pinterest fails”; it’s nice to experience a “win” once and a while! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen and drooled over the “ikea window seat” on my pinterest feed. It seemed easy enough to accomplish.. Take an Ikea shelving unit, flip it on its side underneath a window and order a cushion for it. I’m happy to say that it WAS that easy! (Especially easy because Derek was fully willing to put the unit together for me!) 😉

I, however, did not order a cushion for it. Many shops on etsy charge up to 100 dollars for a cushion that fits it’s dimensions. (hell no.) Instead, I lurked around the place where I find the answer/solutions to most of my problems…Target. 🙂  I went to the outdoor patio section and found these cushions for a fraction of the cost. They were the perfect color, fit the seat wonderfully, and they were on sale! (I want to note that they have bench seat cushions as well, but they didn’t have any colors that I liked! So, you may be able to buy one full bench seat cushion instead of the individual ones like I did. It all depends on what color/pattern you are going for.) After the shelving unit was put together (thanks again, Derek!), I simply placed the cushions on top and tied them together! We also added a couple of storage baskets (from ikea). (see below!) Tooooo Easy!!! And now Audrey’s nursery has a sweet little window seat that doubles as storage!

Its a fail-proof project! Pinky promise! 😉 AND without the added storage baskets, you can accomplish this project for right around 100$! Not too shabby!





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