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Early Term – Pregnancy Update

This week, my midwife told me that from here on out it’s a waiting game! Although the words “full term” were used, I am technically considered “Early Term”. Either way, Im really…really…effin pregnant!  😉 I’ve got the full-throttle-waddle going on by the end of the day, I’m still eating tums like they are a major food group, and I have to take naps on the regular! Yes, I am uncomfortable…but the amount of excitement I am feeling trumps it all!

So here it is… my “early term” pregnancy update: 🙂

How far along? Today makes 37 weeks! Ah! 3 weeks before our due date! (July 8th)

Total weight gain? About 27 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Oh, yes! Still loving my maternity clothes! I have also grown more in love with my sweat pants…and I have taken over some of Derek’s t-shirts. It’s all about more than ever!

Stretch marks? Well, I can hardly see the lower half of my body 😉 But from what I can see, I still have the ones on my right hip, thighs..and who knows where else!

Sleep? whomp whomp! I am up at the crack of dawn every morning..and I am up a lot during the night. However, if I can snag a nap mid-day, I’m good to go!

Best moment of the week? Reaching 37 weeks! Knowing that we truly are in the home stretch is the best feeling!

Movement? Yes! All the time.. and she sticks her butt out constantly. I love it. 🙂

Cravings? Some days I have mean cravings for sweets…other days I have to force myself to eat. Its weird! My appetite is all over the place.

Queasy or sick? Not lately, knock on wood.

Belly button? Its so weird, y’all. It freaks me out! haha It’s basically flat…

Wedding rings on or off? Off. This past week I had to take them off for good. Before, I could tell if I was starting to swell up, and I was able to take them off in time when that happened. Now, I sometimes wake up more swollen than I was when I went to sleep… so they are off 😦

Happy or moody? Happy! I feel cranky when I am tired, but I do my best to keep that to myself.

Miss anything? I’m too busy looking forward to the future to miss anything!

Symptoms? swelling, pelvic pain (waddle waddle), heartburn, plenty of Braxton hicks and trouble sleeping… all manageable though!

Looking forward to? Derek coming home (he is out of town for work) and then meeting Audrey!!!! In that order 🙂

37 week bump!
16 weeks, 27 weeks and 37 weeks!

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