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13 Pregnancy Must-Have Items


pregnancy must-haves

I kid you not… as soon as I found out I was pregnant, Facebook did too! The first time I logged on after finding out, I was bombarded with all kinds of ads featuring products that prevent stretch marks, pregnancy pillows, snacks that cure morning sickness…the list goes on! It was all a bit overwhelming, and many of the products seemed so gimmicky. The truth is, it doesn’t take much to get through pregnancy. Everyone is different, and everyone will have their “must have” item(s)… but I found that I already had a lot of what I needed to get me through it!

For Morning Sickness

Hard Candy Such as: Gin-Gins or even just Mints/Chewing Gum can help with the nausea

Snacks: Any kind you can keep down! I always, ALWAYS, carried crackers with me. Still to this day, I make sure to carry anything from granola bars to bananas just in case! Keeping something in your stomach at all times is key!

Ginger Tea: Long Life Ginger Blend (caffeine free)

Kick Counter/ Weight Tracker/ Contraction Timer

This app does it all! It is free, and it’s wonderful for the 3rd trimester (when you are told to start keeping track of kicks and contractions). I use the kick counter every night. You just start a session which lasts two hours, and press the kick button when you feel one. It keeps track of your session, so you don’t have to stay in the app the entire time. Once you feel 10 kicks, it saves the session for you so you can refer back to it if needed!  It’s wonderful. Get it! Trust me!


I really love these prenatals, but of course, ask your doctor! I take them before bed with a tall glass of water. They never cause me nausea or the “fish burps” that some people experience.

Pregnancy Pillow

I opted out of the many pillows that are meant for pregnancy, and I just went with a king-size pillow. It works wonderful and costs a fraction of the price!


If getting down at least 64oz of water a day is a struggle for you, try flavoring it up a bit. I use fresh mint and frozen raspberries, and it tastes wonderful!

Also, putting it in a tervis water bottle that has the oz written on the side makes it easier to keep track of just how much you drink. This tervis holds over 16oz, so you just have to remember to fill it up 4 times throughout the day vs. keeping track of drinking eight-8oz glasses of water! When struggling with pregnancy brain, this helps! 😉

Bra Solution

When those bras starts feeling a little snug, try this extender before going out and buying new bras! It’s a lifesaver!

For Headaches, Pains and Heartburn

Tylenol  and Smoothie Tums. (Ask Dr. before use!)  I don’t leave the house without these two in my bag! Better safe than sorry!

For Stretch Marks/ Itch Relief 

Let me start out by saying, I have stretch marks. So, this is one area that I really don’t have a cure-all for. I have them on my thighs and right hip so far… and I am 100% okay with that. I truly feel like I did what I could to prevent them.. I put lotion on from head to toe twice a day, I have used oils, I have gained weight at a pretty steady pace, I drink tons of water and I really really try my best to not scratch! So, I just feel like it is what it is!!! I do not believe for a single second that the 80 dollar stretch mark prevention cream would have made a single difference!

In the shower: Dove Deep Moisture body wash

Lotion (best applied within a couple minutes of showering): Aveeno

Oil (also best applied within a couple minutes of showering):  Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Oil

So there you have it! My pregnancy must-haves! What are some of yours?! Message me or leave them in the comments below! 🙂 

-Rachel xo

 Pregnancy must haves

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