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Maternity Clothes – The Basics

A closet FULL of clothes yet NOTHING to wear. Pregnant or not, we have all been there! Pregnancy just brings this dilemma to a whole new level. As the belly grows, the options in your wardrobe dwindle.

Unless you are one of those super lucky women who can wear their regular clothes throughout their entire pregnancy, maternity clothes are essential! However with that being said, one does not have to go out and purchase an entire new wardrobe to make it through pregnancy. Keep in mind that non-maternity shirts and dresses that have an empire waist, are flowy or have a bit of stretch to them, can often be worn throughout pregnancy.

Although when it comes to the basics, purchasing a few maternity items will make getting dressed so much easier …not to mention a whole lot more comfortable!


You really only need two pairs of maternity jeans: a dark wash & a light wash (these ones are slightly distressed providing more of a relaxed look). With these two items in your wardrobe, you’ll have bottoms to go with just about any top.


Although regular leggings work throughout pregnancy, buying maternity ones will change your life. Seriously. These ones are great quality and can be worn for working out (cough..yeah right) or as a pants option…because leggings ARE pants (just cover your bum, thanks).


Think layers. To get more bang for your buck stick to tops that can be worn alone or under a cardigan/sweater/blazer. These v-necks are perfect for just that.


When it comes to dresses, think multi-functional. A dress that can be worn in any season, trimester, or to various occasions is ideal. I highly suggest Pink Blush Maternity, as they have a line of dresses that are made for maternity wear AND for nursing like this one.

*Tips- Go through your clothes and pull items that will work for a growing bump (flowy tops/dresses, stretchy tanks, cardigans, vests etc). Make a special section for them in your closet or dresser. This way, you just look at clothes that will work vs all of the clothes that won’t! 

– Remember accessories are your best friend! They can be mixed up no matter how large the bump gets! 

-Rachel xo

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