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The Maternity Maxi Dress That ANY Woman (Pregnant or Not) Can Wear



IMG_3113 (2)

A good maxi dress is EVERYTHING! As a matter of fact, a good maxi dress is the answer to many of life’s wardrobe problems….

  • Need an effortless put-together look? maxi dress.
  • Don’t have time to shave your legs? maxi dress.
  • Bloated? Food baby? Real baby? maxi dress.
  • Don’t wanna wear heels to a formal event? maxi dress.

You get the point! 🙂 So, what makes a maxi dress a GOOD one?

To qualify it should:

  • Flatter your body shape (pregnant or not)
  • Work throughout any season
  • Work for any occasion (from running errands to a wedding)
  • Hide problem areas
  • Last (made of quality material)

Finding a maxi dress that meets all of those qualifications is no easy task! Not to mention if you’re pregnant, breast feeding or planning on breastfeeding, it makes it that much harder! There are so many beautiful maternity dresses that just will not work after the baby arrives. Either they are much longer in the front than the back (to accommodate the bump), have ruching on the sides, or they don’t allow one to breastfeed.

I, personally, own maternity dresses that I am going to hate packing up after the baby arrives. I do, however, own a couple that will work throughout the rest of my pregnancy (and that says a lot because this bump is growing by the day), breastfeeding and long after! They also meet ALL of the requirements of a good maxi! 🙂

They are both from PinkBlush Maternity (an online boutique that every woman should check out..they have non-maternity clothes too)! They have an empire waist and are made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. This means that they literally flow over your body playing up your curves (including a growing bump) in the best of ways. Another plus, this material is extremely breathable and doesn’t wrinkle a single bit (you’ll never need to iron)! The top of the dress features a deep overlapped v-neck which allows women who are breastfeeding an effortless way to do so! The design of this dress is just perfection in every way.

I wore this one to my baby shower, and this one for my full-term bump photos (see below)! PinkBlush Maternity is constantly coming out with different colors and patterns (many of which are the most beautiful florals you’ve ever seen) of this dress! To keep up with whats new, check out their instagram!

I am also SO EXCITED to announce that I am collaborating with Pink Blush Maternity and hosting a 75$ PinkBlush gift card giveaway!!!  To enter, head on over to my instagram account! All information regarding how to enter will be provided there. 🙂 

IMG_3161 (2)IMG_3147 (3)IMG_3145 (2)IMG_3144 (2)IMG_3196 (2)IMG_3173 (2)IMG_3099 (2)IMG_3148 (2)




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