Leggings Just Reached a New Level (plus a giveaway!)




Leggings… oh how do I love thee… let me count the ways…

haha! In all seriousness, leggings are a huge staple in my wardrobe. I LOVE THEM. I loved them long before my pregnancy, during my pregnancy and will continue to love and wear them until my daughter refuses to be seen with me in them anymore. Haha!  So why it took me THIS long to discover the amazingness that is Lularoe, I have no clue!

I’ve seen and heard so many people rave over Lularoe leggings on social media… I just never took the leap into purchasing a pair. To be completely honest, I couldn’t justify buying them when I had SO many pairs (of various brands) already!

So there I was…living my life in what I believed to be comfortable leggings… when Rebecca Nairn, a Lularoe Consultant, reached out to me. I explained to her that I was interested in a pair BUT that I was about to “pop”, as I was still pregnant with Audrey. She explained that I would love them after pregnancy because they are comfortable (comfortable doesn’t even explain how wonderful and buttery-soft they are) and they hold in the belly a bit (which is wonderful for a post-partum belly)!

I was skeptical. I really didn’t think they could be THAT different from the leggings I already wore. Well, THEY ARE SO VERY DIFFERENT! The first difference is what sets Lularoe apart from any other brand…The patterns!!! They have so many bright and vibrant patterns to choose from. The second difference is the comfort. I know I already touched base on how comfortable they are…but you just can’t even imagine it unless you’ve experienced it. (Sounds a bit dramatic for a pair of leggings.. but I mean every single word! Haha!) And the quality… they are made to last! Lastly, when you purchase a piece of Lularoe clothing (they make more than just leggings!), you are supporting that consultant’s business!

When Rebecca explained to me why she started her Lularoe business, it became very apparent that she LOVES what she is doing! Her business allows her to work from home and watch her twin daughters grow! I urge you all to watch her “Why I Joined Lularoe” Video!

I have loved collaborating with her, and I am SO EXCITED to share with you all that we are hosting giveaway! Head over to my instagram to check it out! It’s a quick 3 step process to put you in the running for TWO PAIRS of leggings!


** giveaway closed as of  8-10-2016

Interested in purchasing a pair from Rebecca? Find her here : InstagramFacebook, or email at

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-Rachel xo

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