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Swaddle Designs – A Muslin Swaddle :: Review and Giveaway

As a new (and rather sleep deprived) mom, I am ALL ABOUT products that make my life easier. Give me simple! I’m so excited to bring you all a review (and giveaway) of Swaddle Designs’ Muslin Swaddles because they truly have come in so handy, and they are known for their quality and long lasting value!

Since having Audrey a month ago, these swaddles have been well loved! We first used them to swaddle her up, and now I use them for a variety of other things as well. They measure in at 46 X 46 inches making them wonderful to use as a blanket while she is in her car seat or to lay on the floor during tummy time. I have also used them as a burp cloth and even to cover up with while breast feeding. If you see Audrey, then you can count on the fact I have a swaddle from Swaddle Designs nearby! I don’t leave the house without one!

For me, its all about the fabric. The muslin is made of premium high quality cotton and is so light and airy which has been perfect during these hot summer months. It also washes up like a dream. They have been through the ringer (I’m talkin’ spit up & newborn blow-outs), and they always come out of the wash looking fresh and feeling even softer than they did going in. Not to mention, they are extremely cute! The prints and patterns that Swaddle Designs feature on their muslin swaddles are to die for. There is truly a design for everyone!

Lynette Damir, a mother of two and the founder of Swaddle Designs, put a great deal of thought into the making of these swaddles. They actually have a pictorial instructional label sewn into the side of them making swaddling literally fool proof. If that isn’t helpful enough, they also have an instructional video. As new a new mom, I love this feature. Swaddling a squirmy newborn in the middle of the night after diaper changes was a challenge for me, and it was nice to have something to reference!

Interested in their products? Click here to see what they have to offer! (My favorite is, of course, their muslin swaddles. You can purchase them individually and the packaging is beautiful making them wonderful gifts!)

You can connect with Swaddle Designs by following them on:  @SwaddleDesigns on Twitter,  Facebook or on their instagram!

**giveaway is now closed!**I am so excited to host a giveaway from Swaddle Designs! They are offering the winner of this giveaway two muslin swaddle singles from their black and white collection (Panda, Hedehog, XOXO, & Lillies). The giveaway is limited to the United States and Canada. Head over to my Instagram to enter!

-Rachel xo




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