Exploring Maryland – Lohr’s Orchard – Harford County

My favorite thing about living in a new area is discovering what it has to offer! And I have to say, Maryland has yet to disappoint. The Fall here is absolutely amazing. The air is already nice and crisp, and the leaves are beginning to change (something we don’t see much of in south-eastern VA).

I was out walking Audrey, soaking up the perfect weather, when I ran into a neighbor. We started chatting, and she mentioned that she had been apple picking at Lohr’s Orchard. Little did I know.. this  gem of an orchard is literally within miles of our new home. Score!

Derek and I decided that we had to check it out. We went on a Monday around 11am in hopes that it wouldn’t be too busy.  When we pulled up to the road that it is located on, I realized that the retail farmers market that I had been meaning to check out was actually a part of their farm. It sits on Rt. 22, and the actual orchard is only a bit farther down the road (Snake Ln).

I was amazed by all of the fresh produce that they had to offer. We picked up a couple of acorn squash (my fav..Ill post a recipe using them soon), some apple butter, mulling spices, pumpkins and THE BEST APPLE CIDER DOUGHNUTS. I have never had a cider doughnut before, so I have nothing to compare them to, but they were so good. Dangerously good.

Picking apples was fun as well! Audrey fell asleep during most of it, but we were able to snag some pictures with her! I think for as long as we live here, picking apples will be a fall-time tradition. I don’t know what it is, but they taste so much better when you pick them. (Or when your husband picks them because you’re too short to reach any of them…) πŸ™‚

All in all we spent a good 3 hours there. By the time we left, it seemed like nearly double the amount of people were there than when we arrived. I would definitely recommend it if you are in the area! For more information about Lohr’s Orchard (hours of operation, history, events, what’s in season and directions), check out their website here.

We now have more apples than I know what to do with! πŸ™‚

-Rachel xo







She had enough! haha

Annnnd she’s out!

Apple Cider Doughnut… so so good!




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