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Turkey, Brie and Apple Sandwich – A Fall Favorite



So, I’m on a mission to use all of the apples that we picked when we visited Lohr’s Orchard. I’d hate for them to go to waste, and we still have so many left! Luckily I have a few tried and true recipes that call for them, and this sandwich might be one of my favorites!

I’m also on a major brie kick! I missed it so much while I was pregnant (it’s one of the things you “can’t eat” while preggo). I’ll basically look for any excuse to eat it now! haha Bring on the brie!

Anywayyyyy… 🙂

This turkey, brie and apple sandwich is so very simple, yet it’s loaded with flavor that gives you all of the fall-feels!

What you’ll need:

-Turkey (Use any kind you like!)

-Your Favorite Apples – sliced

-Brie Cheese – sliced

-Apple Butter

-Baguette (I used a whole wheat one.)

Once you spread on your apple butter and load up the baguette to your liking, you just put it under the broiler until the brie gets all ooey-gooey. Keep a close eye on it, because it usually only takes a few minutes.

I’ve made this sandwich in the past using apple pie filling instead of the fresh apples and apple butter. It still tasted amazing, however the fresh apples paired with apple butter give it a sweet and satisfying crunch that can’t be beat.

If you want to add a savory note to this sandwich, try adding honey Dijon mustard!

That’s it!

Enjoy, y’all!

-Rachel xo


When I was taking this photo, I was literally laughing at myself because #1 I am so not a photographer and #2 The finished product doesn’t look nearly as appetizing as it truly is! I contemplated making another to photograph in hopes that it would be more “pinterest worthy”…but lets be real y’all… I’m a busy mom, and this was truly what we had for dinner the other night…and nobody got time for that! 😉


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