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A Coffee Addicts Solution to Whiter Teeth – Smile Brilliant! Review and Giveaway

Coffee… I function so much better after that first glorious cup of Joe in the morning. It gives me life! However, it also gives me stained teeth.

When the folks at Smile Brilliant! reached out to me in regards to partnering up, I gladly accepted. It was actually perfect timing, because I was looking to whiten my teeth before taking our family photos! It had been over a year since I last whitened.  I couldn’t while I was pregnant with Audrey (that’s a major pregnancy no-no).

Having the ability to whiten my teeth on a professional level whenever I need to is amazing and saves so much time. I can pop my custom-fitted trays in and go about my day. I like to whiten while I get ready for the day, or when I take Audrey on her walk. It’s too easy, yall!

So how does this work?

Smile Brilliant! sends you everything you’re going to need in your kit. You take impressions of your teeth (it sounds challenging, but I promise it’s a breeze), and then you mail them off in a pre-paid envelope that they provide. They then make your custom-fitted trays and send them to you as soon as they are ready.

Worried about tooth sensitivity?

This was probably my main concern. I have dealt with a lot of tooth and gum sensitivity in the past with other well known whitening kits. However, Smile Brilliant! is different because they offer a solution. Their tooth sensitivity gel can be applied in the trays after each whitening session. Not only does it knock out the sensitivity you may experience, it replenishes your teeth and protects them from future staining. It’s a definite must have!


I have been so pleased with my results. As you can see below, they are pretty drastic!
As a matter of fact, I noticed a brighter and whiter smile after my very first session.


These before and after photos were taken by me, and they HAVE NOT been edited or retouched in anyway what-so-ever. 🙂

Want more information about Smile Brilliant!?

Check out their website here.

Read other testimonials here.

Find out the benefits of custom fitted trays here.

Also, check out this video! 🙂


Want a chance to WIN a Smile Brilliant! whitening kit for yourself?! 

Be sure to click HERE!  You will be prompted to enter your name and email address for the chance to win a 139.95 credit or 1 tray creation kit + 6 gel syringes of their choice (3 whitening and 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening).

Can’t wait to try out the kit for yourself?

Use the code petalsandquill to receive 5% off!

Professional Teeth Whitening


Happy whitening, y’all!

-Rachel xo

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