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Fabletics Active Wear – I tried it!


When it comes to active wear, I have reasonable expectations. The clothing should be well made and able to withstand multiple washes on the heavy cycle. The fabric that the leggings are made of should be non-see-through , and I like my tops long enough to cover my bum. Is that too much to ask for?! haha

I have shopped in various places for active wear. The leggings that I have purchased at TJMaxx and Marshalls have all fallen apart after a couple of washes. FAIL. Target has decent options. But y’all, Walmart…yes I said it… WALMART… has been my go-to place for active wear. They have amazing basics by Danskin, and you can grab a pair of  leggings for 15 bucks.

As you can probably tell, I don’t want to pay a fortune for clothes that are meant to sweat in. I feel as if they should be affordable.

So, lets talk Fabletics. I am sure you have seen ads for it on Facebook and commercials featuring the oh-so-lovely Kate Hudson. (I’ve had a serious girl crush on her since she was a “band aid” in my all time favorite movie, Almost Famous.) Its a membership based active wear retailer. In order to get all of the good deals, you have to become a VIP member. The ads that you see usually have an incredibly good deal persuading you to join and sign up to become a VIP member.

The ad got me, you guys! I held off for years, but after seeing the offer that they had in the beginning of January “become a VIP member and get your first outfit for 10 dollars”, I had to give in. I researched it in depth before signing up, and the clothing had great reviews. However, becoming a member means that they charge your card monthly. If you don’t put that money towards an outfit, it builds credit in your account and you can use it at a later time. Should you choose to opt out of buying anything that month and you don’t want money to go towards credit in your account, you simply “skip” that month. Easy enough right?

I am happy to say that it is that easy. Today was actually the first time I “skipped” a month, and it only took me seconds. I just clicked the skip button on my account, and that was it. I am still a VIP member, and I still receive all of the awesome offers. Not to mention, I got my first outfit for 10 bucks!

For my first outfit I chose a bra and a pair of leggings. The sports bra is awesome and super cute, but they didn’t have the matching print in stock that went with the leggings I chose. However you will NEVER catch me working out without a shirt on, so I have no worries that my sports bra and leggings don’t match. The leggings I chose are bright and flashy, but I love them. They also may or may not be the pair that Kate Hudson wore on the Late Late Show. (Did I mention that I love her? Watch the skit here.)

Okay, so is Fabletics worth it? My goodness…YES! Jump on that first VIP membership deal that you get! I was blown away with the quality of both the leggings and the sports bra. I will absolutely purchase more pieces in the future as a reward for meeting my health/fitness goals. The items can be a little pricey (compared to my fav Walmart Danskins), but the quality is the best.

For sizing reference, I am 5’2 and about 145 pounds. I fit a medium in both the sports bra and leggings. 



-Rachel xo

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