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Health Journey – Progress Update #2

It has already been two weeks since my last health journey progress update!  I celebrated a birthday and an anniversary since that post. Its safe to say that I went into celebration mode with a bottle of wine (or two), ate a ton of junk, and didn’t make it to the gym as much. I did, however, get right back into my workout routine in the following days.

It really made me realize how shitty wine and junk food makes me feel. In fact, I have decided to cut out all alcohol (for now) and clean up my diet. I typically eat fairly healthy, but there is always room for improvement!

I also have a few new workout/health related products that I have been using since my last post. I plan on writing reviews on some of them as time goes on, and I have a chance to really see if they make a difference in my over all health!

Fitbit Alta

So far I love it! It adds a little extra motivation to my day, and I love competing with friends to see who gets more steps in!

Apple Cider Vinegar – Twice A Day

Okay, let me start off by saying I don’t believe the hype in regards to this being a miracle weight loss drink. I have, however, researched it and it is supposed to be a great way to aid digestion. I add a splash of it in a bottle of water twice a day (morning and mid-afternoon) and drink it through a straw. (Drinking it through a straw will protect your teeth from the acidity.) I haven’t noticed a difference in anything yet…but I am going to keep this in my routine for now.

Spin Bike – Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1001S (currently on sale!) 

This bike is in the mail on its way to me as I am typing this! Ah! I am pumped to add spinning to my workout routine. I am also happy to have a way to get in some good cardio when I cant make it to they gym.

New Workout

I have also started the Bikini Body Guide workouts. They are CHALLENGING, but I feel so good when I complete them. I am currently on Week 1, and tomorrow will be my third workout. (There are 3 workout per week) I am doing the PDF version (not the app), and it can be found online! I absolutely recommend checking them out.


Okay, so the moment of truth! Did I lose any weight these past two weeks? YES! I am down another two pounds. This means that I have lost a pound a week since starting this journey, and I could not be more happy with that. I also realized that having an “off” day isn’t going to throw all of your hard work out of the window. It is important to put it behind you and keep going! 🙂  4 pounds down.. 7 to go until I get out of the “overweight” BMI zone. weight-loss-update-2

-Rachel xo

In the spirit of full disclosure, I may be an affiliate of products that I recommend. Please know that when you click on a link and purchase a product, in most (but not all) cases, I may receive commission. This does not mean that you are paying more for this product. In fact, they are usually a better deal than you may find in stores! (I love a good deal, y’all!) Thank you for your support!

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