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Health Journey – Progress Update #5

I am throwing out my scale! Okay, that’s a lie.

I am, however, stepping off of the scale for a bit!

BECAUSE… I have reached my goal weight! Last check in, I was just 2 pounds shy of my goal. (If you aren’t aware, I was aiming to get down to a weight that brought my BMI to the “normal” range. I was considered “overweight” for over two years!) Now that I have reached it, I no longer feel the need to monitor it so closely. I figure that if I keep up my healthy habits.. its fair game!


This is the first week that I lost 2 pounds instead of 1. The only thing that I changed was the time of day that I worked out. In the weeks prior, I would eat breakfast before anything. Now, I have coffee, put Audrey down for her AM nap, and then workout. After my workout, I have a protein shake. Its called a “fasted workout”- you workout BEFORE  eating anything. Apparently (I am not a pro) you burn more fat during your workout routine this way… and I mean.. I am all about that! Its not fun, but I am starting to think there is something to it!

So what is my next goal? I want to fit into my skinny jeans! I can finally button them, but man I would love to be able to wear them out again. 🙂

I am going to start taking measurements bi-weekly instead of getting on the scale. I have never done measurements before, so this is all new for me! I also plan on keeping up with my before/after photos, as they are the most motivating thing!

weight-loss-update-1weight-loss-update-2weight loss updateweight loss


-Rachel xo


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