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The DIY Jewelry Cleaner Solution That Works WONDERS!



I am the WORST at taking off my rings. By the end of the day, they are caked up with hairspray, lotion and so much dry shampoo. I am tough on them, but I have found a solution that makes them sparkle like new!

It’s so easy…

Get ready for it…

1 part Windex to 1 part dish soap. BAM! You’re welcome. 😉

Mix up your ingredients. Soak your rings in the solution for a few minutes. GENTLY use a soft bristle toothbrush to loosen up any dirt… or in my case a week’s worth of Batiste dry shampoo. Rinse. (Make sure you pull up on your drain stop so no accident occurs while rinsing!) And yes, it is safe to use for jewelry! ❤

That’s it, y’all!

diy jewelry cleaner .

-Rachel xo


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