Val D’Isere, France

After our stay in Zermatt, Switzerland, we headed to Val D’Isere, France.

I’m sure Val D’Isere is equally gorgeous on any day of the year, but being there during Christmas was spectacular. It’s an incredible winter wonderland – one that I would love to travel back to one day!

We stayed at  Les Cretes Blanches – by far one of the most cozy hotels I have ever been in. The rooms are extremely simple, but they have all of the necessities. The lounges are filled with the most comfortable seating thats oh-so-inviting after a long day of trekking around in the snow. We spent plenty of time relaxing there with  bottles of wine, gifts (it was Christmas after all!) and good company. If you are looking for a home away from home, I would highly recommend a stay here.

During the day, the majority of the group hit the slopes. I stayed behind (I don’t ski!) and happily explored, shopped and ate my way through the decorated streets. If you are like me and don’t ski (or snowboard!), I highly recommend taking a quick bus ride to the gondolas. On your way up the mountain, you will get the most spectacular view and La Folie Douche is accessible from them.

I met everyone at La Folie Douche for après ski. Not really knowing what to expect, I walked out of the gondola and was greeted with people skiing down the slope to a remix of Wiz Khalifa – Pursuit of Happiness. I remember thinking to myself- this is going to be good. 🙂 See video here.

If La Folie Douche isn’t your kind of place, no worries. There are plenty of restaurants that have outside seating (warm blankets provided!). Many of them are near sunbathing chairs so that you can soak in those glorious rays while taking in the views. Although it does look freezing cold in these photos, the hot sun, amazing food and warm drinks were enough to keep us nice and toasty!

Derek and I broke off from the group a little early because we planned a trip to London before the new year. It went HORRIBLY wrong… as in we ended up stranded with thousands of people on the side of the mountain and had zero form of communication… sounds so dramatic, right?!? haha It was! I will have to go into that whole story in the next post.. London! 😉 Stay tuned!




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