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Pregnancy Update with Baby Number Two – 9 & 12 weeks

I’ve always heard that the second pregnancy is so different than the first, and so far I would agree with that! When I was pregnant with Audrey, I felt like it took forever to get to week 12. Now, here I am at week 13 with baby #2! Didn’t we JUST find out we were expecting?!?!  I also spend a lot less time obsessing over all things pregnancy related this go around.. I did enough of that the first time!  haha It is, however, just as exciting as my first pregnancy.. if not more! I just can’t wait to see our babies together. ❤

I am nearly out of my first trimester, so in honor of that here are my pregnancy updates that I have filmed so far! You can find my youtube account here! ❤


-Rachel xo

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