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Friday Favorites – July 21

Friday Favorites! I’ve thought about starting a weekly favorites post for some time now! I love to try out new products, and I have so many “holy grail” items that I love and can’t live without… I just have to share!

You can expect to find anything from clothing, hair care, skin care, makeup, baby must haves, snacks and everything in-between! If it is something I’ve purchased (things that I am sent will not be included!) and love, it will have a home on these posts! I intend for each post to have at least 5 items! So, stay tuned!

Click on item’s photo for more info. 

Friday July 21 

  1. Neutrogena Purifying Cream Cleanser

I have repurchased this face wash numerous times. I initially bought it because it’s free of parabens and sulfates which can irritate and dry out your skin. After using it, I am hooked. It leaves your skin feeling clean, but you don’t have that tightening/dry feeling after washing it off. I have the skin of a 13 year old. I use some strong medicine to keep my breakouts in check (except for when I’m preggo!), so I need a gentle & calming cleanser… this is it!

2. Que Bella Professionals Eye Masks

If you aren’t a fan of ordering from amazon, you can also find these at good ol’ Target. These are heavenly sheet masks for under your eyes. You just peel them of off the plastic, and apply them right onto clean-dry skin. It literally feels like a little under eye massage. I notice that my eyes are a little less puffy after using them, but honestly it’s the luxurious feeling that they give while they are on that keeps me repurchasing more. Tip- store them in the fridge to really de-puff the under eye area.

3. Fiji Nail Polish

If you are looking for a fresh color that looks good in any season, pick up this polish. It has been my go-to for years now, and I will never stray from it. Simple as that!

4. Loreal Lash Paradise

Okay, I heard about this mascara a while ago. I was hesitant to try it because I love my Covergirl Lash Blast so much (and have since high school!). Let me just tell you, it blows any mascara I have ever used out of the water. It takes ONE coat to achieve thick long lashes. It has cut my mascara application time in half… truly! I used to have to pile product on to get the look that this mascara gives me in one coat. SOLD FOR LIFE. And for anyone who is familiar with Benifit’s Better Than Sex Mascara, this is apparently a dupe for that. (Ive never used Benifit’s mascara so I can’t personally let you know if it’s a true dupe.. but that’s the word on the street!)

5. Softest Scoop Tee from Target


This shirt  is SO COMFY. You know a shirt is good when you buy multiples in the same color. I love that it is longer in the back, because it covers the bum (something I like if I am wearing leggings). It also looks cute if you tie the front in a knot. It is just so easy to throw on with any kind of bottoms.. I’m all about it!


That’s it for this week’s Friday Favorites! Check back in next week for more!

-Rachel xo

In the spirit of full disclosure, I may be an affiliate of products that I recommend. Please know that when you click on a link and purchase a product, in most (but not all) cases, I may receive commission. This does not mean that you are paying more for this product. In fact, they are usually a better deal than you may find in stores! (I love a good deal, y’all!) Thank you for your support!


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