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Friday Favorites – August 11

Happy Friday, everyone!

Whew! This week was a busy one! We changed up Audrey’s nap schedule (she’s down to 1 nap a day now vs 2), and we accomplished most of what’s on our to-do list. It’s basically been a week of successful adulting with lots of toddler playdates in-between! haha!

My favorites this week include some yummy ones. I’m all about a mid-day pick-me-up or a nonalcoholic sparkling beverage… so let’s get right into it!

  1. FRE Brut Champage. If you follow me on my Instagram, you probably already know that I discovered the best nonalcoholic champagne ever. Now, I tried their wines during my last pregnancy and they are decent, but this champagne takes the cake. It’s all about the bubbles! It’s very light and not too sweet.. perfection I tell ya. Trust me, if you’re pregnant or if you don’t drink alcohol, I think you would really appreciate a nice cold glass of this goodness. (click on image for more info.)

2. International Delight One Touch Latte – When you’re preggo, they say you can only have one cup of coffee a day. Well, this stuff makes it the best one cup you’ve ever had. It creates the most delicious froth to your average cup of joe. I’ve only tried the vanilla flavor so far, but the caramel and mocha sound so good too. If you are a coffee lover/addict like myself, gives these a whirl. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel – I mentioned loving this line of moisturizers in one of my pregnancy updates. It’s truly the best, especially during the summer months. I purchased the gel-cream one as well, and its just as amazing (just a little heavier). I actually use that one as an eye cream now and use the water gel for all over my face/neck. The reason I use the gel-cream one as an eye cream is because it has the EXACT SAME ingredients as their eye cream that you can buy for 14+ dollars, but you get a fraction of the product. So word to the wise, skip that and just buy the jar! (click on image for more info.)

I use this one for all over face/neck

I use this one as an eye cream. Same ingredients as their eye cream in this line of moisturizers, but you get way more product.

4. Sally Hansen Gel Nail Kit- I love love love having my nails done, but I refuse to pay someone 30 dollars for something I can do myself. This kit is top-notch. It truly does last just as long as any in-salon manicure IF you don’t get it on your cuticles and IF you properly buff your nails. You can also use a variety of other gel polishes with this light, so you don’t have to stick to just the sally hansen brand. As a matter of fact, most of the polishes I use are from Sally’s Beauty Supply. They have an amazing clearance basket usually located in the back of the store. I’ve found gorgeous gel colors for 3-4 dollars. I will say that it does thin-down your real nails a bit, but its not horrible. I usually do a week break every month just to allow them to strengthen a bit. (click on image for more info)
5. Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo – I feel like my hair is in a weird state right now.  I go between wanting to grow my highlights out to wanting to go full-on blonde again. Right now, it just looks like grown out balyage- which is acceptable in my opinion, but I still need to make a decision soon as to what to do with it. While I try to figure things out, I have been using this shampoo to keep the blonde from going brassy. I love it because it does a good job at cleaning your hair while toning it. Some other purple shampoos I tried in the past left my hair greasy and gross. So, this is a total win in my book. If you’re a cool-toned blondie or trying to get rid of a brassy hue, give this a try! (click on image for more info)

That’s it for this weeks Friday Favs! ❤

-Rachel xo

In the spirit of full disclosure, I may be an affiliate of products that I recommend. Please know that when you click on a link and purchase a product, in most (but not all) cases, I may receive commission. This does not mean that you are paying more for this product. In fact, they are usually a better deal than you may find in stores! (I love a good deal, y’all!) Thank you for your support!

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