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DIY Mercury Glass

DIY MERCURY GLASSI was in the market for two large vases that I could put on either side of our dresser. After multiple trips to HomeGoods, I was close to giving up! (Can you believe I didn’t find anything there?! Crazy!!!)

While I was cleaning house, I stumbled upon Derek’s huge pickle jar that he was using to collect change. A light bulb went off in my head! It was literally the perfect size for what I wanted on our dresser. All I had to do was go out and get another jar…and eat a ton of pickles. Neither of those things were a problem seeing as pickles are cheap and I’m preggo with an appetite!

I didn’t want to leave them plain, so I decided to go for the antiqued mercury glass look. After watching many tutorials, I went ahead and jumped right into the project! It took me all of 10 minutes, and cost MUCH less than buying them in stores! I am pretty pleased with the finished product!

I decided to apply the spray to the outside of the glass vs the inside. This is because I want to have the option to put candles, real flowers or even food inside of them. I also liked the look of it on the outside of the glass better than the inside! You can really customize it however you’d like.

Check out the video below for the full tutorial (or read below)! It’s so quick and easy.. I’m tempted to turn everything into mercury glass now!

You will need:

1/2 and 1/2 solution of water and vinegar in spray bottle that puts off a fine mist

Krylon looking glass spray

paper towel

a glass vase or jar

rubbing alcohol

  1. clean your glass and spray with rubbing alcohol
  2. wipe down the glass with paper towel so that it is completely dry and free of dirt and grime
  3. spray with water and vinegar solution creating beads on the glass
  4. lightly spray the Krylon onto the glass
  5. allow 30 seconds to dry before patting down with the paper towel
  6. repeat these steps until desired look is achieved


I hope you all enjoyed this fast and easy DIY! Mercury glass can get a little pricey depending on what kind of piece you are buying, and this is a cheap alternative!

-Rachel xo

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