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Baby Keg #2 Gender Reveal

OHHHH my gosh with all of the excitement that occurred today, Derek and I both feel like we are about to pass out! We are exhausted in the best of ways! haha

We started our day early and headed out to our anatomy scan appointment. Everything looks good (praying that it stays that way) with the baby’s anatomy so far. (We have to go back in two weeks because they had difficulty seeing the spine as well as they would have liked to today.)

We also found out the gender!!! We put together a video like we did for Audrey, but sadly technology failed us a bit and a few of our family member’s reactions weren’t captured due to a dead battery and full SD card! Total fail on our part! We are, however, so thankful for the outpouring of excitement that we received from our families and friends!

Today has been nothing short of amazing, and we are just so excited to meet this little baby in January. ❤

-Rachel xo

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