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Pregnancy Update With Baby Number Two – 21 Weeks + Clothing Haul

If you know me by now, you know that I love a good sale! I have done a bit of shopping since finding out we are having a BOY (still so excited about a BOY! AH!). Although our little man is going to be born in the winter, I have been planning ahead and purchasing the summer clothes that are on sale! (Ones that will either fit him the spring/summer after he is born or the following year!) I have a rule, nothing over 5 dollars, and so far I have only broken it once! I also have been trying to get basic/classic pieces that will easily pair with other items. So far, so good!

This week’s pregnancy update features the things that I have found on sale so far! They are all from either Target or Walmart, so be sure to hurry to those stores to see if you can find anything that may catch your eye!


-Rachel xo

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