Audrey’s Birth Vlog 7-7-2016

I’ve been on a trip down memory lane the past few days. You see, my phone is severely jacked up from all of the videos and photos I have on it. This has prompted me to finally clean it out and back everything up. Thank goodness for google photos and external hard drives. Slowly but surely, I am getting it all organized.

This video is a product of my “clean out”. I was set on capturing footage of the day Audrey was born. We recorded as much as we could/wanted to (they didn’t allow cameras to be out during the actual delivery and I was more than okay with that). I remember watching the videos first with Derek and then with various family members and friends, but then I completely forgot about them.

I stumbled upon them while I was organizing my external hard drive..and about a hour or so later we had this little creation! It’s not much as far as a proper labor/delivery vlog goes (I am far from a pro at this whole vlogging thing), but I am SO happy that we recorded it.

While watching it, Derek and I seriously cracked up laughing over sooo many things, and we (okay, more like I) got a little emotional looking back at Audrey’s first hours. We were just so clueless, nervous, overjoyed and in love all at the same time. It’s such a rush to think we are doing this again in a few months! To read the Birth Story post that I wrote shortly after her delivery, click here.

-Rachel xo

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