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Audrey’s First Trick-or-Treat

Ohhh our little Audrey Jean! Figuring out what she was going to be for Halloween this year was harder than we imagined it would be!

We actually had a princess costume picked out before we found the ahhhmazing and hilarious pineapple one. I kind of figured that this year was probably the last year we would be able to choose what we wanted her to be. Next year, I’m sure she will give us some kind of idea as to who or what she wants to dress up as. So, the princess costume can wait… the pineapple costume, however, was a must.

Believe it or not, it actually fits her personality to a T. She did so well wearing it (I was nervous that she would rip off the headpiece because it was an awkward fit). She had plenty of giggles and laughs wearing this thing – both from her and directed towards her! haha

Her first trick-or-treating experience was awesome! The event we took her to was family friendly and more importantly- toddler friendly! It started at 10am which I really appreciated. Gotta love when events work with your little one’s nap schedule! haha

Photos and video are below of our sweetest little pineapple girl. And just for fun, I added some photos of her first Halloween because its cuteness overload (I know Im partial but come on..she made the cutest little lamb ever last year!)





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