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Pregnancy Update With Baby Number Two – 28 Weeks – Third Trimester

28 weeks pregnant.jpg

I am officially ALL about any kind of clothing that is shaped like a tent! haha I absolutely love being this pregnant in the cooler months vs the summer (like I was with Audrey). I don’t break a sweat every two seconds, but I am pretty much over the tight restricting clothes. Since I can no longer make a maxi dress work with these cooler temps, I have decided tent life is the life for me! haha

Luckily, I have several flowy tent-like tops that can pair with maternity leggings. If I throw a cardigan over them, they become fall/winter appropriate.

Bye Jeans…and maybe even goodbye to my maternity jeans… because leggings and loose tops are my jam now! 😉

Anywayyyy… I am OFFICIALLY in the third trimester! I am feeling overall great for being this far into this pregnancy, and I am thankful for that. (And also hoping it stays that way!)

To check out my official 28 weeks pregnant update, watch the video below! I also share a few thinks that I bought baby boy (ugh STILL no name!).

-Rachel xo

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