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Family Photos 2017 – Photography by Lonna in Havre De Grace, MD

This past Saturday we rose before the sun, and we hustled to get ready for our family session with Photography by Lonna in the beautiful town of Havre De Grace, MD. It was a brisk morning to say the least, but oh my gosh it was so worth it!

The sunrise was one of the most beautiful ones that I have ever seen. If you ever get the chance to visit Havre De Grace (it truly is one of my favorite places), I highly recommend walking to Concord Point Lighthouse to watch the sun come up. It rises right over the water, and its the most peaceful thing to witness.

With it being so early in the morning, it wasn’t busy at all. There were a couple of other photographers set up with tripods capturing the sky and all it’s glory, fishermen out in their boats and a few people just walking around taking it all in. And then, of course, there was us. Audrey was running all around, Derek was chasing her…and well I was basically waddling in my heels wearing what Derek referred to as a “tutu”! haha What a sight!

Once we caught sight of the first sliver of the sun over the horizon, it seemed to rise so fast! The sky changed from a bright pink then to orange and then to a beautiful golden hue within minutes. Lonna was able to capture so many photos within that short amount of time. We will forever be able to look back at these photos and remember how gorgeous that morning sky was.

We chose Havre De Grace as the location for our photos because it just feels like home, and that feeling can be hard to come by when you are miles and miles from where you’re from. I can hardly handle the thought of moving in a year (military life), so I really wanted our session there so that I can look back on it and reflect. The photos are of us as a family of three with one of the way. A HUGE milestone in such a beautiful place that I hold so dear to my heart. It makes my pregnant hormonal self feel allllllll the feels.

Lonna literally gave us everything we wanted out of the session and more. She’s so talented, kind and very patient (anyone who knows what it’s like taking photos of a 15 month old knows patience is key). I HIGHLY recommend her if you are in the Harford County, MD area. Shoot…even if you’re not, I still highly recommend her! Come visit Havre De Grace and have a session ❤ You won’t be sorry! OH! I should also mention, she is the same photographer that took Audrey’s Cake Smash Session! ❤

I would love if y’all would take a moment to check her out.

Click links to go to her : Facebook, Instagram and/or Her Website  You’ll see that she does many different kind of shoots, and there is something for everyone!


I have received multiple questions on my IG and in my DMs asking about the dress I was wearing. I’m super flattered by this because I was so close to NOT wearing it! haha I was extremely unsure of how it would photograph, as the tulle adds on a lot a volume to an already big belly. I also didn’t want it to look like a tutu gone wrong! I am by no means a fashion blogger… but here is what I’ve got in regards to putting this outfit together!

(I should also add that I decided on the colors based on what I chose for Audrey to wear. I knew it would be easier to find Derek and myself coordinating clothes than it would be for Audrey… so once I found something I like for her I just went off of that. I hope that makes sense!)

So, the dress isn’t actually a dress! Its just a skirt that I found on poshmark after seeing one on Pink Blush Maternity that I liked (but they didn’t have my size). I snagged it for 12 bucks and paired it with a good ol’ Target tank top. I simply wore it above the belly and belted it with a gold belt. Because the skirt adds so much volume, I decided to wear a fitted blazer over it to kind of keep my shape. So, here it goes (click on photo for direct shopping link):

Skirt- Poshmark but here is a similar one:

Top- A navy blue tank top from Target, but any navy tank top would do!

Blazer- Its several years old from H&M but here is a similar one:
Belt- Again, Ive had this belt for a while but here is a similar one for under $10:

Shoes- Nine West – Im not able to find the ones I have but here is a diff pair of Nine West for under 30 (and its prime!)


Here are some of our favorites from the shoot!


–Rachel xo

In the spirit of full disclosure, I may be an affiliate of products that I recommend. Please know that when you click on a link and purchase a product, in most (but not all) cases, I may receive commission. This does not mean that you are paying more for this product. In fact, they are usually a better deal than you may find in stores! (I love a good deal, y’all!) Thanks so much for your support!

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