Friday Favorites – November 10th

Happy FRIDAY! We are in the car right now headed to VA for a quick weekend trip. We have a wedding to attend and lots of family/friends to catch up with during our stay! Soooo excited but ready to just get there! However I have my Cinnabon so I’m just kicked back with Audrey trying to be patient. Haha  ❤

Last week I spent a couple of hours retouching my balayage.  I decided to try out doing this method on myself several months ago… so far I haven’t had any huge mishaps.. thank goodness! haha

It saves me a ton of time and lots of money when I can just do it from home! I asked on my IG account if you all would like to see how I do it, and I got about a 85% response for yes! I recorded how I do it a few months ago, so I just have to edit the footage and get it posted (which will hopefully be at some point next week!)

Anyway, I am about 90% happy with how my hair turned out. I’m thinking that I am going to try to “smudge” my roots in several days to blend in my natural color with the highlights a bit more! I went a littttllleee heavier than I intended to with the highlights. Not really a bad thing, but I like it when it can grow out and look a little more natural.

While dying my hair, I realized that I have some go-to products that I love to use to repair it after bleaching. I also have some favorite tools/products that I use to achieve curls!
Below you will see the hot tools curling iron I love and can’t live without. It’s a 1 1/2 inch barrel which gives you nice voluminous waves. 

I also am LOVING the hair mask that I linked to. I found it at TJ maxx, and I’ve been really impressed with how amazing it is. It smells sooo good in the jar, but it’s even better when you treat your hair with it! 
I also have to share my favorite toner! Now, this is a permanent toner and it will lift your hair a bit, but ohhhh my gosh it’s so good. I only leave it on about 5 minutes. You can find it at Sally’s, but the Amazon link I included here is a great price for it! (I talk more about it in the balayage video that I need to edit/post! So keep an eye out for it!) 
The hairspray you’ll see below is sooo good! I’ve been using it for years now. On dry hair I spray a little in before curling. It makes your curls or waves last forever, and it doesn’t make your hair crunchy. 
Finally, I linked to the brush I use. This tangle teaser brush is just the way to go. It gently gets out any tangles without breaking your hair- super important if you have color treated hair (especially us blondes!). I use it on both wet and dry hair. It would make a great stocking stuffer!!!
I hope y’all enjoy these Friday Favs! To shop, click any of the images for a direct link and more info! 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I may be an affiliate of products that I recommend. Please know that when you click on a link and purchase a product, in most (but not all) cases, I may receive commission. This does not mean that you are paying more for this product. In fact, they are usually a better deal than you may find in stores! (I love a good deal, y’all!) Thanks so much for your support!

-Rachel xo

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