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What’s In My Hospital & Diaper Bag For Baby Number Two

It’s about that time! Im 37 weeks.. not full term but rather what they consider to be “early term”. Either way, its time to pack the hospital bag and have it ready to go. ❤

Initially, I thought that I would pack MUCH lighter than I did for Audrey’s labor and delivery. I even reviewed my blog post that I wrote in regards to what I really used from my hospital bag the first go-around. You can check that post out here. In that post, I laid it all out. I also made it pretty clear that I did, in fact, overpack.

So, did that stop me from overpacking this time… nope! Oops, I did it again? I do, however, feel very prepared. That’s a feeling I welcome considering so much is out of my hands!

My advice to any momma packing her hospital bag… bring WHATEVER it is that you want. Overpack.. under pack.. don’t pack at all. You do you, boo! 🙂 You’re about to go on a crazy and (let’s be real) painful ride. If you have something that can make you more comfortable, bring it!

But on the other hand, most hospitals will provide much of what (if not everything) you will need. So, don’t sweat it too much! You can always have someone bring you the essentials if need be.

Below is what I am bringing for my second L&D! I hope it helps a momma who is packing up for her big day!

-Rachel xo

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