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Pregnancy Update With Baby Number Two – 37 Weeks

This is definitely the update of all updates!

I had a stay in the hospital yesterday with contractions that wouldn’t go away with IV fluids, but I’m now home (and still having contractions)! The contractions weren’t doing anything to progress labor (my cervix thinned out but I didn’t dilate further than 1cm), but they were frequent (5 minutes apart or less). I was in limbo! They wanted to keep me there because they believed my contractions to be early or pre-labor.. but after being there for 12 hours and not progressing.. it was absolutely time for me to go home.

I dont regret going in AT ALL, as we found out the very best news! HE FLIPPED! We now have a head-down baby boy who loves to kick me in the ribs now instead of the rear 😉 haha It has taken away so much worry that we had! He just needs to stay in this position until he decides to enter the world.

The doctors told me if I don’t want Austin to come, I need to rest and stay off of my feet. Im not on official “bed rest” per say, but I have been resting since I arrived home yesterday. I am trying to take it easy so that I don’t go into legit labor until my momma arrives! She is going to watch Audrey for us when I go in, and let me tell you..that takes so much stress off of us. Yep, Im 28 and still need my mom. ❤ She gets here in a couple of hours and as soon as she does I am going to resume regular activities.. like chasing Audrey around. 🙂 It’s crazy how much I miss her even when she is just right downstairs.

I’ve done my nails, hair and makeup all from bed. I’ve watched re-runs of Grey’s, and I’ve had the best husband bring me meals and drinks. I’ve napped like a baby. But let me tell you, I am ready to get up and around! I’m so excited to see if Austin decides to come soon.. especially since I’m still having uncomfortable contractions.

The Drs did warn me that these kind of contractions could go on for a days or even a week or so.. but they have made me realize that I am soooo ready!

For a full update check out my video below!

-Rachel xo

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