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Finding Out I was Pregnant on Halloween

It was Halloween of 2015 when I found out I was pregnant with Audrey. I feel like I remember every single detail of that day so clearly… Derek and I had been trying for a couple of months, but we hadn’t had any luck. The night before Halloween, I started (what I believed to be)…… Continue reading Finding Out I was Pregnant on Halloween

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Audrey’s Birth Story

    The days leading up to Audrey’s arrival were spent eating loads of pineapple, smothering everything in sriracha sauce, going on walks (aka waddles) and bouncing on a birthing ball that became more and more deflated with each exhausted bounce. To say Derek and I were ready to meet her was an understatement. I tried to sit…… Continue reading Audrey’s Birth Story

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The Maternity Maxi Dress That ANY Woman (Pregnant or Not) Can Wear

    A good maxi dress is EVERYTHING! As a matter of fact, a good maxi dress is the answer to many of life’s wardrobe problems…. Need an effortless put-together look? maxi dress. Don’t have time to shave your legs? maxi dress. Bloated? Food baby? Real baby? maxi dress. Don’t wanna wear heels to a formal event?…… Continue reading The Maternity Maxi Dress That ANY Woman (Pregnant or Not) Can Wear

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Maternity Clothes – The Basics

A closet FULL of clothes yet NOTHING to wear. Pregnant or not, we have all been there! Pregnancy just brings this dilemma to a whole new level. As the belly grows, the options in your wardrobe dwindle. Unless you are one of those super lucky women who can wear their regular clothes throughout their entire pregnancy,…… Continue reading Maternity Clothes – The Basics

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13 Pregnancy Must-Have Items

  I kid you not… as soon as I found out I was pregnant, Facebook did too! The first time I logged on after finding out, I was bombarded with all kinds of ads featuring products that prevent stretch marks, pregnancy pillows, snacks that cure morning sickness…the list goes on! It was all a bit overwhelming, and…… Continue reading 13 Pregnancy Must-Have Items

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Baby Keg Has A Name!

I am not sure if this rings true for most or if Derek and I are just ridiculous, but naming our baby was freakin’ hard!!!! haha! When Derek and I found out we were pregnant, we almost immediately started to refer to the baby as “Baby Keg”. Moments later, we had a good laugh realizing we could use the hashtag…… Continue reading Baby Keg Has A Name!

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Handcrafted Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be

No alcohol for 9 months? No problem! I am all for mocktails, but I cant stand when they are sickening sweet or heavy. My trick: Citrus! It gives the drink a bite while bringing on a refreshing note that cant be beat. First up- Bloody Mary. Truth be told, I drank virgin Bloody Marys long before…… Continue reading Handcrafted Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be